User Reviews For: A Cherished Maid's Super Sadistic Training -Sweet and Painful Sexual Punishment-


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1ch1me Rating
Before I read this, I thought that Yuka was going to end up with....., but I was wrong! Both brothers, Takahiko and Satoru are both attractive, but Takahiko is more capable in life than Satoru. Anyways, if you want to know who she'll end up with among the two brothers, then you have to read this! All I could say is that I was satisfied who she ended up with, even though he was too much of a sadist after what he saw between Yuka and his brother, but he's a really nice guy, because of how he said "I love you" at the end with a sincere face! Read this if you want to know what exactly happened to Yuka's love life! Both artwotk and story were good, so I rate it 5 stars! It's a Love Manga, so "read it at your own risk!" I recommend it!
xebilponyx Rating
This is the most vanilla smut I have ever seen masquerading as kink. If you came here hoping for something kinkier, you're best off looking elsewhere. It's your run of the mill maid x rich guy fantasy, and the most exciting thing they do is a different position than missionary. Skip this one unless that's your thing.
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