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bluexboy69 Rating
I’m giving this story a low star rating for the following reasons: too many unexplained plot details which made the story harder to enjoy and the translation needed some more editing. As for those plot details (potential spoiler warning): The reason for why the main character stays at a job that makes him so uncomfortable is unclear (though you can make guesses: he needs money, his pride, etc.), and I felt uncomfortable at how uncomfortable he felt. And what about how the misunderstanding about the conditions of the job happened in the first place (Did he not read the contract/handbook? This is never explained.). There is also some confusion about how customers find out about the elevator, considering how the childhood friend shows up (Wouldn’t you pay for the service in advance, or is this a complimentary special service they surprise VIPs with?) Too many questions for short porn stories, I know, but these questions made enjoying this piece difficult.
jadeevans05 Rating
I have read this issue several times already and I know I will read it yet again in the future. This is not in the norm for me as I just like to read once and move on. But yet here I am being drawn in...While I did not like his 'trainer' all that much, I did like the fact that he ends up meeting his childhood friend of whom he was always jealous of. I just liked the interactions between the two. Yet, there has to be something else that attracts me so... As to what, I am not sure of. But I surely will enjoy trying to figure out what it is.
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