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1ch1me Rating
It was rather a "short story", but worth the tickets I just spent. The main characters of the story are Yagami, an executive vice-president, and Kasuga, his private secretary. Kasuga has been working diligently for 5 years as a senior member of the planning department, but suddenly assigned to be Yagami's private secretary. After taking the job assigned to her by Yagami, she's supposed to be her private secretary, but he orders her around like a maid. She definitely didn't like that, so when a client asked her to work under him, will she take the offer or will Yagami let her go? I'd say, with him being a very possessive boss, I doubt he'll let her go. Anyways, you need to check this out if you wanna know what happened between them when she told her that she had been offered a job by their client. It is really cute story for a Love Manga. Better "read it at your own risk!" Both story and artwork were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it!
oathbreaker1 Rating
What a cute and sexy story. Who doesn't get burnt out at there job sometimes. But one hand you have efficient sectary who is at the end of ropes babysitting her boss and losing confidence in herself. on the other hand you have a sexy boss who really likes pushing her to the limits whats not to love. Hot and sexy yeah
omonii123 Rating
This is really cute, I just love how the boss is really eager to show his love to his secretary anytime he has the chance
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