User Reviews For: Retraining: The Naughty Me My Boyfriend Doesn't Know About


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sakueva Rating
If you are looking for something on the intense side, then this is the one for you. Full of exciting moments and anticipation!
1ch1me Rating
Misao works at a bank and is going out with her boss, Souichirou. They are about to get married too. Souichirou is handsome and also a very gentle boyfriend. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Kazuki, who's also handsome, but his personality is just so opposite to Souichirou's. Misao, who's now happy and very much in love with her soon-to-be-husband, meets her ex once again at the bank where she works at. Misao was surprised upon seeing him. He also showed a video of the naughty her from when they were still dating and threatened her that he'll show the video to Souichirou if she doesn't listen to what he says. Since she didn't want her relationship with Souichirou to end, she agreed to everything he said until he deletes the video. Anyways, lots of things happened, so it would be better if you read it for yourself. I wonder if there's still more volumes, though. Anyways, artwork and story were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it!
ebookrenta02lqkhc6y Rating
This is painful to read. The girl has so many opportunities to leave her demented ex, but *spoilers*He leaves her. There is no closure and her husband didn't know the half of it. Really badly written and clearly rushed.
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