User Reviews For: Men's Nudism -Eroctopus Tentancles-


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Kamariaanya Rating
It was a neat short tentacle story, but can only give four stars. Love the rumpled professor, but he obviously didn't know what to do with people. A true researcher/scientist stereotype. His assistant though was a daring little riot!
bluexboy69 Rating
I took a chance on this story because the title amused me. You can imagine how silly the contents are (I love you so I bioengineered a sex-crazy octopus for you…). For a “world-famous biologist”, the Professor makes some strange leaps in logic and doesn’t have much understanding of human sexual desire. His assistant also jumps to some conclusions, but I suppose that was supposed to be endearing. The art is a little odd at times and some of the lines sound like a bad porno film so I had trouble controlling my laughter during what I assume were meant to be more serious scenes. This was an amusing tale, but probably doesn’t offer enough to make me want to read it again.
ebookrenta0zms7i0oj Rating
Not really much to go on. It was ok for a quick one time read.
CoveredSmile Rating
A good short story for those who like into this sort of kink.
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