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eambah2905 Rating
The art is good but that's more or less the only thing about this I can praise. This is one of the most awful stories I've ever read! The woman sleeps with an absolute stranger before she knows who he really is which is bad enough when you consider the fact that he treated her like a prostitute at one of her events, but then after she knows what he did to her family she sleeps with him again because why not? Are you kidding me? And how could he have just entered her house and picked up her daughter. That is called kidnapping and based on the story, given how much money she has she would have a very good chance at winning a custody suit there was absolutely no logical reason for her to agree to be his mistress. I wish I could have my tickets refunded and my retinas scrubbed to get rid of this stupid story but the best I can do is warn others from making the same mistake I did. I give this manga a 1 star because it's the lowest rating available, otherwise I'd start giving negative stars.
missjoanna89 Rating
This one is one of my favorites it so sexy and hot at the same time the love making is so intense in this story and the anger and passion they had for each other was even better it also has its cute points but man they could not really get enough of each other no matter what was in between them but it a great story and I will you coming back for more of the sexiness the main characters have so if you looking for something hot and cute this is the one for you .
prettycutie1201 Rating
Great story! Love to read again and again! A round of applause to the author
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