User Reviews For: How to Be Trained by Your Psychopathic Boyfriend


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softsleepysheepy Rating
The art is just ok, story awful makes no sense I feel like the author rushed things, nothing romantic about this story.what the heck was that, so the best friend says he loves her but is literally forcing himself on her EVERYWHERE. Even when he know she has a boyfriend, not a good story line just s stubborn guy willing to do anything to get this girl even cause causing trouble at work...interfering with her transfer and making her break up with her boyfriend after cheating on him.
dmrm Rating
It's a bit rushed. I'm all for Yandere-themed stories but this was lacking the suspense that should come with a Yandere plot. It has the potential for a good story though, and the artwork is neat.
tsukiko Rating
really good but way too short. want a sequel!
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