User Reviews For: Cumming and Cumming Endlessly! -187 Days Held Hostage by a Psychopathic Love-


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Bayonettalover Rating
I was hoping for an actual story and not a 27 page compilation of every mature shoujo. The suspense at the beginning was perfect, and I was expecting to see Saya's "love story" throughout the 187 days Ion held her captive. Instead, they skipped straight to the ending. The summary is misleading and I wasted 2 tickets. I could have found better shoujo that was 1 ticket or FREE.
heyyyjude Rating
it's a completed short story. no real plot. just creepy ending. just a story about a psycho stalker. that's really all there was to it. there wasn't really a plot. it ends abruptly. story might have been good if it was longer ... to tell a story ... to define the characters more... but it isn't longer. not worth buying.
91643245 Rating
Worst story. They skip too much.
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