User Reviews For: My Darling Is a Prisoner -How to Make a Pet out of a Handsome Guy-


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omurice Rating
If you're looking for something with a storyline, this is not for you. If you're after NSFW but not hardcore, you may consider this. With the synopsis and cover you know what you're getting.
bluexboy69 Rating
Warning that there are non-consensual scenes! If that doesn’t interest you, skip this one. This story is so short that I did wish there was more, even though the plot was a bit flimsy already. I’m totally getting the “I’m not gay, but I’ll be gay for you since you helped me” vibe from the protagonist so his feelings didn’t seem as genuine as the other character, and you get more action from the non-con scenes than the main couple. However, the uke isn’t a total pushover so I have some respect for him, even though he makes some nonsensical choices.
yaoisaru Rating
Really wish I could read more but this was fun to read!
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