User Reviews For: The Bed's in Use -Sexual Guidance for the Prince Who's Faking Illness-


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Kitsuneflames Rating
It's alright. The art is meh one scene had me looking over it again, and the story I like. I thought it was still going but just found out that its not, but I'm not too upset with it. Feels like it ended oh well, okay.
heyyyjude Rating
I have read to Chapter 5. The art-- really isn't my style. i don't hate the art, but I also don't love the art. It's just okay. The story -- in my opinion, the story line is shallow. very typical teacher x student love type. The characters -- the female main character is a naive innocent young nurse and the student is a playboy. Sexy -- (! to 5) -- I personally found it to be a 3. Comments -- to be fair, I normally really like office love type stories so I think I didn't love this story because school life teacher x student stories aren't my cup of tea.
NARUTO20 Rating
The story is interesting about a school nurse and it's student council president.
U53rn4m3 Rating
This manga is AMAZING!!! I wish I could read more of this XD
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