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missjoanna89 Rating
Love it the forbidden love when you cross the line with cow workers but the thing about it why not and that's what this is goiging tell you why not ! take a leap of faith when you are in love no matter who is against it and this story tells the side of falling in love on the job it's a very good read and I recommend it to any one who falls in love with their co workers.
kay4120 Rating
First of all, the art is amazing as always! love the work and the main male lead is such a hunk! <3 <3 The story is good and maybe something many of us can relate to. Definitely worth to be paid for the unlimited rental :)
victressy Rating
This is the best book I have read in a long time. It's sweet and not rushed. Though I would love to see them after the wedding, I thought It was heartwarming, romantic and the art is MWAH!!!!!.Thank you
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