User Reviews For: Gemini's Nasty Prank -Sex with My Fiance's Brother-


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HikaruTanaka Rating
I liked the story though I wish it was just a few more chapters longer. It ended rather quick. I enjoyed the sexy scenes and have reread it over and over!
Hiaya123 Rating
I like the artwork and the concept of this story. I felt the spicy love between the main girl and guy went too fast. I wanted more secret spicy love between the two characters. Got bored after the third book.
ShyPinkVag Rating
I just read the first volume~ I love how HOT the twins are but I wish the main female character had more personality, she seems confused about what's going, she should just give in and screw the older twin, because the older twin IS SO SMEXII NYA~ I love the art style, it's beautiful and well drawn (=^_^=) everyone looks smexy, going to read the other two now nya~
ArtyRay Rating
Wow.. What i can say that it got me curious to see what will happened between the heroin and the twins. I have a soft spot for twins. Can't wait for the next update.
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