Renta74's Reviews & Ratings

Five stars for the type of story it is. There's no complex plot, or drama. This is for people who want to enjoy a relationship between a simple-minded uke, and a perverse yet honest seme. They are an adorable couple.
Really liked this. Good art, hot sex, and a sweet twist at the end.
Two cute BL stories. Funny characters, with slapstick, and plenty of sexy play. It's not for middle school children, or people who use fictional stories as a reference for life decisions.
Saw the dreaded “trigger” warning and had to read this, and found a good story. There was a twist on the standard plot line that should make everyone happy. 100% toxicity free! A sweet story with a gentle love
I love this author! The lyrics,
Super fun and entertaining story. They make a big deal about the
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