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I totally adore the artwork and the smutty scenes XD I do love the theme of a supposed top being "trained" to be a bottom and this definitely doesn't disappoint... Takashi is hilarious and really love his interactions with Aikawa and, to some extent, Shinobu... All in all, it's the kind of story that you can read over and over again since there's not really any angst whatsoever... Perfect for a light read after a long, hectic day!
If you've read my reviews of the previous volumes featuring this couple, there's little doubt that I absolutely adore them and the third volume doesn't disappoint! Prince Muzaffarid is even hotter here and Akito's just super adorable. I love the dynamics between the two and their story tugs at heartstrings without heavy angst and still spiced with comedic moments as well. Their relationship progresses further here but, have to be honest, I was hoping a bit more considering it seems to be the last volume. I do hope Sensei would do a continuation since potential story lines to explore are endless. Plus, I've read and reread the first two volumes around 5 times and no doubt will do the same with this one (yes, it's the kind of manga you can read over and over again) but still can't get enough!
So, this is a second volume of what now is one of my favorite couples... This is even better than the first volume as it delves more into Muzaffarid's background story and explores more of their feelings for each other as well as reaffirms it. The prince is a lot sweeter, and more possessive. towards Akito here as well. The introduction of a love rival is inevitable, I suppose, but instead of just the normal cliched love triangle, it helps the main characters' development and makes me love Akito even more.... Definitely not your typical wishy washy uke!
I really love this couple, even more than Akito's brother, Shoyo, and Haruma's story on the prequel. Though he has his weak moments, Akito is a strong uke, both physically and mentally so, despite his small stature, he wasn't girly nor whiny, which I love. And though the seme, Muzaffarid, lives up to his "arrogant prince" personal of the title, couldn't help but liking him as you can kind of see how his upbringing, position, and responsibilities have made him the way he is.All in all, a great buy that's worth every penny... The fact that the art is really good as well is an added bonus!
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