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I really enjoyed reading this and I can't wait for the next update! As a matter of fact I'll wait till I can bundle again! Talk about thoroughly entertaining! The duke tired to push her aside but he's no match for the duchesses (I can't remember the names) who is kind and sees everything as an adventure or drama from a romance novel!! And unfortunately for him, as quoted by his former mistress gets friendzoned by the duchesses! But what's this is our little duchess starting to have feels for the duke?
I have to give this five stars for being different then anything I've read before. Hana and Sana are so cute together. And there was only intimate scenes in chapter 3 to 4! Aside from that the characters are cute and as Hana said it the males are hunky!! Can't wait till the next update!!
I like it but each chapter seems so short! Mahoko is bestfriends with Chise(the guy) and something happened in the past that caused Mahoko to have low self esteem and she knows Chise secret. That's all I can explain without giving anything away. As you can see there are only 3 chapters so there's still a lot that I haven't read but I can't wait to read more. Oh and the price is good!
Short sweet and cute!!
Really great manga each story was cute and had very satisfying endings.1st story, girl likes a classmates but believe he doesn't like her because she acts like a pervert but...2nd, serious girl on the student council likes the handsome president but can't act on her feels because he's a player. After catching him in the act she makes a wish and( it just funny) 3rd story girl always treated her childhood friend like a brother (acts like his mother who passed away) and doesn't realize that she likes him as more than just friends4th story, girl admires 3 popular students 2 guys and a girl who are always together ( 1 guy is an idol and is dating the popular girl) she gets to meet the guy who she likes when she is forced to join the library committee ( not the idol but the other guy). She decides to confess after getting to know him but over hears something...Can't wait to read more works by this author!
I really enjoyed reading all the stories! I like how it deals with each sibling getting the ones they love. Aside from the the 2nd oldest and youngest who knew the person they loved from childhood...the oldest and the daughter only knew there lovers for a little while and immediately slept with that person; once love was mutual...that the only thing I don't like about this manga. Otherwise a very enjoyable read!!
I really enjoy reading works by this author, her characters and drawing style are my favorite on this site. The first 3 stories are connected and the last story is just as good as the first 3 though it seems to be drawn differently. Can't wait to read more works by this author!!
Each story is very cute and drawn beautifully. This author is actually one of my favorites. I can't wait to read more stories by her.
Short but definitely sweet and worth the ticket. Almost wish it was longer but then it'll cost more. All in all its drawn exceptional well. Can't wait to read more like this!
I really like the artwork and the storyline is pretty cute. I like that even though he likes her and she is pretending to like someone else he still tries to help her. The naughty scenes are what turn this work from cute to hot! I really like the works from this author she does an amazing job. Can't wait to read more works by her.
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