Lovebug23's Reviews & Ratings

I loved it! I really hope we get know what else happens! Dont leave us in suspense to long. Also wish there was a way get in contact with the writter. Story is so cute. Love Ryo so much and how he takes care of MOMO.
I wasn't for sure at first! But now I'm so happy I did read the story. So beautiful and sweet. Love the characters, hope we can see a part two for the future. Amazing drawings and money is worth it.
Wow this story! It's beyond amazing. I love it and the sister is so brave! The king is so handsome. Great story and drawings. Love entire thing. Hopefully there be another one related to this one.
Omg I love the whole volumes! Please write more and I'm so happy Nao and main girl are together. Please keep them together. The story is so sweet. I love how Nao is so shy but serious around her. Worth the money I was hesitant at first but so happy I took chance. Amazing work and art is really good. Also Nao is so fine.
Wow this series is so intense. Keeps me wanting know more. I really hope another volume comes out soon. The prices are worth it. Amazing stories and drawings. Please keep them coming.
I really love this series and art work. Please write another please! You are such an amazing writer. I love all your works. Always brilliant. I just wish there was another way send you fan mail. But this was amazing I was worried about how it was going end. The ending came out really good. Thank you, for anybody else who is wanting read more good stories check out Amorous Devil.
I like all the stories but I love the first 3 most. Especially "be my pet"and "the vilest, worst, dearest lover". Hope see more in future. I love the art work.
Really love each character and how the story keeps getting better and better. Hope see long series. Also I love the 2 main characters love relationship. So mysterious and leaves you wanting more.
You will fall in love with each character and always be wanting more and more. The stories are great and worth the prices. Hope see a long series and more of these comics.
Wow! My mind is blown I read all 3 of them and love them all so much. It is so worth it I promise you! I'm in love with the two main characters Rin and Char. Please write more its amazing work and love the drawings as well. Amazing work and brilliant writing. Would be so thrilled if made show after it. Thank you
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