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Couldn't get enough. So bought them all. They're so cute. And the live scenes were just right. Not too little not too much
I really got attached to this series. And I've been waiting a few years for the rest of volumes. It's a total new concept. I enjoy reading it so much. And it stays in the back of my mind even years after I've read the first two. Hopefully, the author will update soon.
I absolutely loved this series...I usually never write reviews but this couldn't be helped. It had everything, sexy, romantic, hilarious, serious, and scandal. Buy all eight unlimited you won't regret it.
This is the first manga on this site that I've read that I truly and entirely loved through and through! You won't regret reading this story I rented it permanently and I'm glad I did. I will go back to this over and over.
Very interesting...and for once I never once guessed what would happen next or what would be said next. I loved it!
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