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It is definitely very cute to start, not to mention Iori is my favorite kind of heroine in terms of looks and personality. However, the story does rush a bit in the first chapter and I think it might have suited it better to take its time, at least a little more. It was still very enjoyable and I can't wait to see how it develops.
Art is top notch, beautiful and clean. Story line is typical blackmail, but the character doing the blackmail is very interesting to watch. The main character is cute and oblivious, of course, but curiously very endearing. Overall, very interesting, even in the way the author has chosen to go about delivering the story, which makes it a lot more of a pleasant read than what one might expect. I can't wait to see it's conclusion, or rather watch it transition from blackmail to romance.
I am sad to see this story end. Sachi was so cute! It was a simple story not to be taken seriously. The artwork is fantastic and the characters were nice. Overall, I enjoyed it, hence the high rating.
Scarlet Berico's art and storytelling are very engaging! I enjoy the dynamic between Tatsuyuki and Nozomi! They're both adorable! There is so much to like about this series! I can't wait for it be completed!
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