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I really like the heroine in this one, she's a very conscientious and hard working web designer, using her college degree to be independent, and not some shrinking virgin, but she has something in her past that makes her resistant to love. I like how she questions her feelings for him because she doesn't know much about him and worries her feelings are only because they've been sleeping together. The art is really nice, and the humor is pretty good too, even as the series gets longer.
I was expecting a romance and this wasn't romantic at all. The ending really sucked for me, personally. But the art was really beautiful.
I absolutely adore this series. It's one of my favorite romance manga series. Both Yuuki and Nao are such sympathetic, cute characters. The romantic conflicts are surprisingly realistic--mostly communication problems, like real-life relationships--and they go through a bit of character growth. The romance progresses very smoothly and the sex scenes are very hot. I really love this author, but this is probably my favorite series from her.
This was absolutely adorable. The humor was really good and the hero was rather cute at times, balancing his powerful CEO persona. The heroine was a diligent worker and yet she wasn't an absolute pushover (the smack she gave to the hero was pretty epic). Their romance progresses smoothly and has a very satisfactory ending.
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