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I say under an hour, I began it and finished it (lucky for me the series was completed. If they weren't, I be rolling on the floor, waiting impatiently)! Worth it the read! Great artwork, plot and of course, smexy scenes!
There's two stories: the first one of magical Gentle Ruby is a bit strange, especially on the last (milk fetish?); overall pretty hilarious plot! Though, don't expect too much of a satisfied ending there. The second story is what I REALLY ENJOYED (and I am not a fan of werewolves), cute love story and a bit of ~OH MY~! Worth the read and I liked the artwork!!
I loved it! I enjoyed the artwork (beautiful!) and all the characters' personalities worked well together! There's not much sex scenes though, a little disappointed. If you like smutty ones, there's a lot of (hilarious) ones!
Oh my god...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this manga!!! The plot is stimulating, it kept the desire to continue the next chapter. The characters are beautifully done (their personalities and their structure), including the artwork! Honestly, I came for the smexy scenes (which are also pretty steamy too), but left with tears in my eyes - cute image ending!!
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