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Sumire and Shuji are both soooooo cute and hot asf together. Seriously loved how different they were but still complimented each other as well. I loved how into each other they were!!!! It was cute and sexy and primal all mixed together. The story is really interesting and kept me engaged the entire time. The art and execution is amazing!!! They're likable. You're rooting for them. Gah!!! One of my favorites and so glad it's on Renta!!! Would definitely recommend 10/10!!!
No means No! Rin is a hoot. She's got a great right hook lol!!! And Hiro is not like this mangaka's other mmc. I mean both are super obsessed with the fmc but this time the guy is a virgin too!!! Arts great. Storyline is fast paced. Both characters are likable. Can't wait to see how Hiro and Rin handle their “first” night together.
I'm a sucker for marriage on the rocks trope or anything messy with ow/om involvement. It gets my blood boiling lol!!! It's all the same. Zero communication between the two either due to resentment or fear of being left. But the art is so pretty and the secrets are keeping me interested for sure.
Hehehe I love how we don't even know this guys name yet lol!!! He's slightly older than Mei. Kinda mysterious. Very handsome in a kinda creepy way but he doesn't actually appear to be dangerous. I'm really digging this so far. Can't wait for ch. 2. Also l love the art. And his declaration of intention at the very end of this chapter. Made him 1000x hotter imo.
OMG!!! That first cliffhanger is something else! I feel like I should have figured it out bc he's obviously an obsessed stalker but I wasn't prepared for it lol!!! Well now I'm intrigued. Sticking around for the next chapter hehehe
Ohhhh this story is so good!!! Very cute. Love the “you don't know the real me” trope with a little love triangle thrown in for good measure. The lead fmc is a cutie and I especially love her true self and omg!!! The lead mmc is so hot!!! Really really hope we get a chapter from his perspective about how long he's been searching for “her” also I really want more of her bff who is clearly in love with her as well. Ahhh so much goodness!!! Please oh please bring ch. 4 soon!!!! The art is gorgeous btw!!!
Bwhahaha!!! The ending of the first chapter is so good!!! But I seriously miss the long hair on the mmc lol!!!!
I love how hot and cold this boy runs!!!!! The art is amazing and the story is really fun and funny and kinda interesting and I'm totally hooked!!! Haven't read too many stories about ex-celebrities so it's pretty intriguing. Have lots of questions and I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
Next chapters where are youuuuuu? I'm loving this!!! The art style is so good. The mmc is so cute. Ch. 2 has a very questionable scene and iykyk, but I'm down. Really want to know why Noah is deviating from the original script and is all about Mia our N. P. C. Can't wait for ch. 3!!!!
Renta!!!! We need everything from Yumekiyo Sensei STAT!!! I love the art!!! The fmc is the perfect amount adorable and innocent that doesn't know a thing about what goes on between a man and a woman and the mmc is the perfect amount of sexy gorgeous man that is a complete gentleman- until he isn't hehehe ;) After two chapters I'm already rooting for these two despite the age gap and the curse that made mmc turn into a cute wittle bunny lol!!! So glad this is going in the direction it's going and that the mangaka has a delicious sense of humor!!!!