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After reading three chapters I've finally decided that yes this is a perfect quirky read. It's seriously cute and sweet and funny!!! The dynamic between manager and idol is everything. They're each other's confidant, best friend and support. I love how he's listened to her and had followed all of her advice. To the point that he's still holding onto his V. I love a good role reversal. Very funny and I can't wait to see what happens next!
The flow of these stories are very slow and steady and definitely bittersweet tinges to them. The art is lovely. I was just bored from time to time. There's no humor or action or even that much angst. It's just very mellow and bittersweet. The ghost story When I Close My Eyes I See You is my favorite out of the bunch.
Too freakin cute!!!! Meat puns!!! Hunky guy disguised as herbivore type but is all carnivore, sign me up!!!! Souta is mine!!!! The girl is cute and utterly clueless. It's funny it's cute and steamy.
Well dang!!! This is good. I love a story where one's identity changes once they're off the clock. I want more backstory, but the little tidbits were enough to keep me satisfied. It's pretty to look at and the characters are great, especially the boss Mako. He's so dang cute!!!! Hoping I don't have to wait months until the next installment. It's that good!!!!
Yes!!!! I'm loving this one immensely. It's so cute and funny and deals with the complications that is what a woman really wants lol. One half wants a man to adore and desire us the other half wants to get to know said man first before giving over our heart. Sigh. The female lead is in such a predicament. Her new hot boss is a huge fan of her author alter ego. And then in an instant wants her!! Too good to be true? I don't know, but I'm hooked. More please.
Scratching head as I try to type this review. Whaaaa? Did I just read? It's such a complete twist and unexpected. I love it!!! Definitely needs more backstory to make this an even better story. But so far it's definitely interesting and I like the art and contradictions in each mc's personality. Next one please.
Omygawd this is funny!!!! I love Ichika. She's no fuss no muss. Doesn't care and does her own thing. Enter crazy stalker dude Masato. Where did he come from? And he's a dweeb? Dude's hawt!!! This is manga, go with the craziness and fall for him too!!! I can't wait to see where this goes!!!
This is a tough call. No one likes affair stuff, right? It's just not cool. But this mangaka loves her melodrama and she's delivering it up good! Kana is torn between wanting a taken man than has been pursuing her hard and the new guy who wants her just as much. She's guilty about what she's been complying to with her boss/lover. She obviously doesn't like herself. Art is great. The internal struggle is great. I hope this gets worse before it gets better because she doesn't deserve easy.
OMG!!!! All the stars y'all. It's fluffy and hawt!!!! It's a very cute childhood friends reunited years later. They had a bit of a rough patch in their youth and now that they're both adults Mistu isn't gonna hold back!!! He's gonna claim the only boy he's ever had feelings for, Taku. It's so so so cute and sweet and funny!!! Arts gorgeous. Characters are so likable. It's a feel good story. Love it!!!!!
OMG this is so cute!!!! The little kids are adorable! And the slow burn progression of Riku finding himself falling for his little brother's friend's uncle is so subtle but realistic. I love it all. Art is pretty and romantic. Really want to see where this goes.
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