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I love a redeeming arc!!! At first I was like Reo really is the worst!! Then the author does a great job of basically making him really pathetic but super innocent deep down. But I really hated that U guy. Like how seriously desperate does his gf and Reo have to be to fall for that guy? But Reo's only 21 folks. People that young usually suck lol!!! I know I did! Soichi is truly the kindest sweetest most understanding person ever!!! I loved this story. It's got traumatic past, lots of angst, redeeming ml, first time in love, great art and is actually really romantic and there's character growth too!! It's so good, the plot twist was pretty good too! I just can't say enough about it!!!
Cute, funny a tad bit strange but definitely enjoyable and yeah slightly cringe at times but who can be 100% cool at all times around their crush? Not this uke that's who. Poor guy has zero game, but that just adds to his charm. And his crush definitely doesn't care because all he sees is hearts lol!!! Also the art is like soooooo good. And these guys are hot!!! My top two favorite things in my yaoi.
OMG!!!! Yu is like my ultimate dream guy!!! Hot AF. Quiet and serious. Covered in tats. Genuine and sincere and sweet and completely devoted. Ren you lucky b!t@h!!! I want to hate him but he's hot AF too lol!!!! The art is great and the pacing is fast and the balance of steamy and angsty is perfect!!! It's cute too!!! But phew Yu is too perfect!!!! Mine!!!
Ok, I'm a sucker for a wolf in sheep's clothing character!! Don't let shy, kind boys fool ya!!! They're just as horny as the rest 'em!!!! This is cute and I wanna see how he tackles this new precarious situation he's found himself in.
This right here is GOLD!!! Harada Sensei always brings her A game and I can't wait for more with Volume 2!! But seriously she takes every and all types of trauma, triggers and sensitive topics and just fn bulldozes right through them!! Turning everything on its head. Leaving you absolutely gobsmacked and reeling. Both leads are the worst but still endearing and funny and I can't help but want them to get their happy (shitty) life! The way they got the title was utter perfection and describes their situation to a T. The art is incredible and adds so much life and dimension to these characters and their story. I'm going to go reread this again rn!!!
Yes!!! Take that bet and get it!!!! The older yakuza love interest is HOT!!!!! Cannot wait for the next chapters lol!!!!
Awwww man, that plot twist at the end of chapter 2 is totally different from what I was expecting and I love that!!!! Naomasa and Mitaka are total opposites in every way but they are adorable together!!! Naomasa is so funny as the straight laced porn star who is having a bit of trouble with his manhood and Mitaka is the cheeky cheerful freeloading god that's gonna make him happy by granting his ultimate wish?-going back to work. Or is it? It's funny, sexy and sweet. Definitely worth the $ to keep for rereading.
Hot!!!! Just ridiculously hot!!!! The art is making my brain turn to mush in a good way!!!! I really really hope this is not a one shot. It's so freakin good and I really want to see how things go after both of them went into heat for one another. It's gorgeous to look at and cannot stress enough how hot this is!!!!
Damn! The angst is dripping on every page!!! I love it!!!! The art is gorgeous. The guys are way too hot!! They are beyond helpless and refuse to address their true feelings whatsoever. But that hot angry sex is *chef's kiss* perfection! I love that Kei is totally obsessed with Asahi and just matter of factly tells him he's going to be his pet. Like excuse me??? Yes please lolololol!!! Like if I can't have you no one can and I'm be your daddy watching you 24/7. IRL I'd be like I'm calling the cops, but here in my safe space I'm here for it!!!
Feels totally different from what I'm used to reading by Haruta. The art is absolutely lovely (as usual) and this great feeling of longing is throughout this first chapter. The sense of time is kinda missing for me so when we get to the real catalyst of their new change in their relationship I was like huh that came out of nowhere? I really want to learn more about these two. So far it's done a great job of setting the stage and keeping my interest.
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