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All the fluffy goodness!! These two are so adorable! This is really refreshing. Its not the greatest art style imo or very stylish and very of the moment. Its got a very familiar look and I think that really works with the story pacing. The plain Jane who is not confident whatsoever and the cool aloof jock who is extremely popular. But they're both awkward. They're both new to romance. They're both doing what they think is right and to be true to themselves and they just happen to really enjoy spending time and space together. Its so sweet. Also it does a great job of portraying the messiness of high school life that unfortunately doesn't go away but you get better at standing up for yourself or you don't. Its got layers and it has fluff. I love this and hope she doesn't try to hide their relationship!!!
I've always wanted to read this but I just didn't know if this was going to be worth the $. I never should've doubted. It is! For sure emotional. It will make your heart hurt. Feelings of angst are aplenty in this story. Kyousuke and Kasumi are bffs and secretly in love with each other. They're both idiots and they're both incredibly lovable. The only frustrating part is how they wasted so many years lying to themselves. But you really understand the pressures from a rigid society believing one's sexuality to be ashamed of have prevented them from being true to their hearts. It's a beautiful story of friendship and love and has sweetness sprinkled in for good measure. But seems like a more realistic version of two men in love. Worth the $ and heartache for the sweetest HEA
I remember reading this somewhere a while back and if you, like me after reading the first chapter were hooked, just know it gets better!!! You never really know what you're getting yourself into but the dynamic between Mr. Aoki and Mr. Tengoku is of predator and prey, before anything long lasting. The art is my favorite part though!!! Has that suspenseful vibe going for it. Can't wait to reread this one all over again!
This god is gorgeous. But he definitely overdoing the spice lol!!! She's not ready for that yet!! Art is very pretty. All the mens are gorgeous in this manga, even the creeps. I'm just rating this based off looks lol!!!
Hehehe this is ridiculously cute. Not sure there's an actual story yet but the arts cute, characters are charming and it gets pretty steamy. Lots of misunderstandings and unrequited feelings. I enjoy the occasional M/M story that uses the only gay for you trope, so this only straight for you storyline is kinda right up my alley.
Ummmm WTH Renta!? This cannot be a one-shot. Just no. I'm gonna be so mad if there's no second part at least. I wanna see how Eric and Lean originally met and the reason why Eric couldn't even remember Lean. I love the art. The premise made this very interesting Beta x Alpha. I need more!!! Please don't leave me hanging here!!
Awwww I love a good fun loving playboy (Yoshino) and a gloomy virgin (Kota) trope. Yoshino is a total flirt and likes to have a good time. For some reason he really takes a liking to the quiet Kota. I really like the dynamic. It's really cute. Yoshino is totally lovable even though he's a total cad. Kota is so adorably clueless. The art is my favorite part tho. Amazing expression and execution. Can't wait for all the next chapters to drop.
Super cute!!!! Really hope there's more to this one, but it feels kinda like a one shot so idk? BL at its finest!!! Super fluffy with low angst and mutual like.
Dang this one is so messy. I love it!!!! Drama galore. A master/servant relationship- like literally. Master likes playing mind games and servant is not in the mood for that lol!!! I haven't read the other series but I'm hoping Renta adds it to their lineup. I feel like I'm going to be a mess when this is finally over so I'm really hoping it'll be worth it with a very satisfying HEA. Can't wait to see how this turns out :D!!!! Also I don't trust the Master yet so very curious how he wins his little beta over.
Very easy going low stakes story with two guys who are opposites in every way but inexplicably fall in lust/like with each other in volume one. This is perfect for people new to this genre but pretty boring for hardcore yaoi fans. Well that's just my opinion.
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