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OMG!!! Why was I avoiding this all along?! It's so good. Art is amazing. Characters are so good!!! There's five stories (two have two chapters each) about five different couples all working in the same company. And like the title suggests, you can't judge a book by its cover. Oops. I did and I almost missed out on this gem!!! It's so cute!!! Seriously funny!!! Oh I laughed so hard. Felt all the feels and wanted more. Mooooaarrr!!! But alas it is over. So now I'll be rereading this one on a infinite loop.
Oh this is cute!!! That spirit Sho is rather cheeky. I like ;)
Where has this manga been all my life?! It's the best!!!! Seriously funny!!! I love the juxtaposition of outward appearance being a complete opposite of what's going on inside. Jun is silly oh so silly!! And I do believe her dream guy is going to better than her fantasies. That smirk and proclamation at the end? Oh yes!!! So good!!! Arts an A+ the pacing is good. The characters are original and I can totally see this being an anime. Next chapter please!!!!
Yuck!!! I don't like our heroine at all. I know it's a double standard issue, but I hate when my heroes are hoes too!!! She's completely lost sight of who she was in the beginning when she was just a singer songwriter. Her manager is a creep. Who does that after knowing she's been with someone else just minutes before? Gross. I'll be skipping
Yes!!!! More please!!! Seiji is hilarious!!! I love him! He's a bottom that only gets hit on by other bottoms!! He's definitely in a predicament here. Will he ever lose his vCard? His best friend/dorm mate Tono is straight, but could he be seeing Seiji in a new light? Who needs labels?! Toss 'em out already!! And this cliffy is so good. We Seiji be reunited with his former middle school teammate and crush? Will this be a love triangle? I need the next chapter pronto!! This story is so refreshing :)
Yay!!!!! New hate-read material for my angry rants!!!! I really hate the use of sexual assault used as a form of sexual healing. Even if he didn't push him away it was still assault. Now he has a savior complex for a man that seems pretty stuck on his brother and used him for his own relief and had zero interest in his feelings. Now it seems like he's a little bit remorseful. And that's good enough? Yuck!!! Arts gorgeous tho!! And the characters seem too simple for this convoluted story. Pass?
Honestly after one chapter I'm not sure how this is going to go, but I have a feeling our heroine will most definitely be making a fool out of herself and I'm here for that. OMG I can relate to her 100%. My imagination is really out of control too!! Lol!!! She's cute. Maybe dumb? Idk. But I like her. The guy looks hella cute and seems nice to boot too. I want more work fantasies!!! I need more on their past!!! I want the next chapter already!! Please and thank you!
Can you imagine if this Prince El guy just flew to Japan to hit it and quit it?! Lol!!! But seriously this is saccharine sweet. Over the top fluffy yummy cuteness with a cherry on top. Kaede is a simple sweet caring woman who was just helping a stranger in need. That stranger just happened to be a prince and was instantly love struck with her. Geez only in manga. Next up: princess training and meeting the parents?? Oh ho ho!!
Short and sweet. I'm glad these two finally get their HEA. And Seiji is here too!!! I love these characters and I'm hoping that there'll be more bonus chapters in the future ;)
This is super cute!!! Poor Haru! Her ex is the worst. Cheated on her, got the ow pregnant and then kicks her out?! Back home isn't all that better either, but with the exception of helping her match making grandma out things start to look up. This story is really cute and funny and Nichika is adorably disheveled, but very sweet. I love the epic misunderstanding at the end of the story. Just completely skipped everything and straight to the proposal lol!!! Arts cute. Characters are likable
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