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Whaaaa!!!! So scandalous! So depraved! So tragic!! I love it!!! Little Miss Goody Two Shoes is in for a rude awakening. Her childhood love (one-sided it would seem) is back in her life, but she's promised to another. Only her fiancé doesn't want her pure. Enter a whole lot of training. With a whole lot of mens. Including her first love? This ends on a pretty hot and bit curious cliffhanger. Well played. I'll be back.
I love when omegaverse gets flipped on its head. So refreshing. This is lol funny. Arts great. No backstory as of yet. The characters are cute. Seems like there could definitely be a real romance if given a chance. Four stars just because this ends at a weird spot and there isn't really a story here. But it's fun.
Ohhhhhh. I see. Little mistaken identity or forgetfulness going on here. Interesting and also a manga plot that definitely gets played out a lot. This is super fast paced. No backstory yet, but you can get the gist of what's going on pretty easily. It's cute, but nothing heart pounding.
Ok! This is great!! I wasn't really sure how I felt after only the first chapter, but this 2nd one was the one that sealed the deal. Koko is so ditzy and innocent and Arishi (spell right?) isn't used to women like her. It's so cute!!! Right now she's not in love and he's trying not to fall for her, bad for business. Arts great and the mcs are very likable.
Whhyyy?!!! That cliffhanger should be illegal! Best money I've spent on a story in a while. Art and story pacing are great. Characters are pretty likable. Getting to the smexy times seemed fairly quick, but gah that cliffy is outta bounds. This is so much fun and so good. I want more. No, I need more.
Arts ok. Plot is interesting so far. This reeks of dubious consent. So if that's not your thing, skip. I'm just curious if we get some backstory on why this guy is like this. He's done a total 180. He's a liar. I'm curious though if he can redeem himself. I'm hoping in the next chapter either she kicks him in the family jewels or her bro rescues her.
Wow!!! Two hot guys want her?! Lucky! Um, really cute premise. Love inexperienced couples, so I'll be staying tuned. Also, art is beautiful and so expressive. This is the first time I'm rooting for a love triangle to happen, even though I like the MC.
Ohhhh I love the art. The pacing is a little disjointed. We see that Shiro and Tsubaki are already in the sort of relationship they're in. But I wanna know since when? And who's Akira? Is this a love triangle? Tsubaki is definitely dense, poor Shiro. So I need answers!!!
What a strange story. That ending kinda killed this story for me. I liked the fluffy shoujo artwork. It was cute. I like gender swap and isetai plots. What I didn't care for (spoilerish) is Tacao's real soul going to heaven and then Takao being all oh well, better for meeeeeee!!! That was just kinda sad to me. Maybe I would have liked it more if he returned to his original body and Takeru would be with him regardless of gender since he fell in love with the
I'm a fool for friends-to-lovers, every single time!! This first chapter leaves off on a BIG cliffhanger. But regardless I already really like it. Hana and Takeru have like reversed gender roles, which I also really like. Arts good. Pacing is super fast since we have a good understanding on their relationship. But Takeru better not be trying to change Hana!! Can't wait to see this
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