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Wow!!! 5 stars because the art is purrty. So far it's been all about her pleasure and that's actually very refreshing. The alpha is freakin hot and doesn't come across as a domineering jerk face and that's also really refreshing too!! The omega is whateves as of now, but that's par for course, no? Anywho totally digging this one and love the amount of steam each chapter has been delivering so far. Can't wait for more!!!
Awww this one was absolutely adorable and full of fluffy goodness!!!! Both Yuki and Shoma were cute and awkward. Not a lot happened lol but it was a great character driven plot that delivers plenty of cute boy vibes and sweet proclamations.
Yup!!!!! I love this one!!!! Unrequited love becoming requited!!! Beautiful art. Interesting premise. A hinted at history between the two leads. All of it is so good and even the little bit of dub con is hot and I'm definitely here for this one!!! Can't wait for more updates!!!!
I love this mangaka. Her art and stories are so adorable and pretty with just the right amount of angst and smut to keep me chomping at the bit! These two newlyweds are so funny and smokin hot!! Like not fair! Anywho, I'm soooo curious as to why hubby won't go all the way. There's gotta be a real good reason and I'm hoping it's got nothing to do with him wanting her to be the first to cave and beg him. Wanna see some flashbacks or something lol!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!
Don't care where this story goes. Don't care that there's a 12 year age gap. I only care that both have a huge love for books and are hiding their dialects and that the mmc is gorgeous!!!! Like if I went to that college I'd definitely be living at that library. Yeah I'm just reading this one because the librarian is what dreams are made of
Seriously one of the best “best friends to lovers” stories out there!!! The art is gorgeous to look at!!! Details on top of details and it gets pretty hot y'all!! Shige and Yoichii are bffs and even live next door in the same apartment complex. They practically do everything together but Shige likes girls and Yoichii is gay. Well one night changes their dynamic forever and what happens next is slow torture for one and eye opening for another and totally delicious for all!!! I love it!!! There better be a special epilogue chapter because ch. 7 left off on the ultimate cliffy!!! Love these two knuckleheads and seriously I love it when both guys are both buff. So yummy!!!
It's so so.
Ren and Sakura are so funny!!! One is truly a pure maiden who will do whatever it takes to get their object of affection to realize how devoted they are and the other is a size queen who is going to be a lot of work lol!!!! Together they make the perfect comedic duo. The story is funny and cute and hot!!! The art is great and I can't wait for more updates!!!!
Been counting down the days for this one!! And it's good!! Seriously cute and funny. Art is gorgeous too!! I love the love triangle situation and with what little backstory we get so far it looks like unrequited love and being in denial play a big role n what's going to go down. Love manga magic Hehehe. A charm and wish did this? Lmao!!! Can't wait for more!!!
OMG!!!! I was laughing and squealing throughout this entire chapter!!! It's so dang funny and refreshing and absolutely absurd. It's the best!!!! The hot girl that loves the uptight guy turns into a hot dude that doesn't hold back whatsoever!!! It's like if a fujoshi turned into a guy and let out all her pent up excitement run riot. It's going 100 mph and I can't wait for more!!! He's granny is too much lol!!!
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