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Lol! Poor Ayako, being seduced by a kid. She's not in love per se with the older brother, just heavily in admiration I think anyway. I'm hoping we get more backstory on Yamato and Yuto. Why they look so different? Not entirely original or the best art, but it's pretty good.
Ok I'm in the minority here, but I love it!!! Arts great! So expressive. The guys are all mysterious, especially the president of the club. I love the main bully, Yuya. I hope hope hope that this isn't a full RH and she only ends up with him. I want more backstory on the guys now. Yeah it perpetuates everything that's wrong with our society, but I'm messed up so it's right up my alley. More please!!!!
I like it! I like that Kasumi is such a strong independent woman. Yes she's totally inexperienced in love, but whatever. She's bit of a spitfire. Dylan is casually charming. But he's a sneaky one I say. Pretty much blackmailing Kasumi to be his nude model. But I really want to see where this goes. Love the art. The pacing is good and it's a bit refreshing.
OMG!! I'm dead. This was so funny. I love my geek girls and Mei is a hardcore fan girl. Nothings going right for her; job, living etc. but it looks like that's about to change once Seiji enters her life. He's holding a grudge towards all womankind and Mei is A. O. K with that. In fact she's loving it. She's so freakin adorable. And
Ohhh poor Miyu! Had her dreams of stardom dashed with the ugliness of the underbelly of the industry she so wanted to be apart of. I hate that!!! I like this mangaka. I like the art. The story pacing is pretty good. Mr. Shiga is so funny. It's pretty obvious he's into her, but we don't realize how much until the end of this chapter. I wonder if he's related to someone in the industry too? Need the next chapter!!!
Well, I saw that coming from a mile away, lol! No it's super cute. I love the art. I love how simple Kitami is. He wants a gf in college, but for some reason the most popular guy on campus is always in his way. Why? This ends on a cliffhanger. So I wanna know how long the other guy has been after Kitami. And if they start dating? Eek!!! I can't wait
Yes!!! Sign me up please. I love revenge stories! Although this isn't quite a revenge story. Rinko was a little stinker growing up in the country side and she bullied this poor boy hard back in the day. But they were both KIDS!!! Lol. Anyway now she's working for him and he wants his dues. Left off on a major cliffy, so I can't wait to see how he gets even after all these years (; Arts nice and story pacing is good.
Uggghh my heart. I read this before reading the blurb. I hate playboys! Especially ones that still fool around even after falling for the heroine. My poor heart can't take it. Angst overload. But I'm already in over my head. Arts nice. Story is good, even though it's gonna gut me. Keita isn't too bad, but definitely has issues. And Mao, I hope she isn't a total doormat. It's cute, but angsty.
Awww. This is bittersweet and has a bit of a taboo premise. How this goes, I'm not sure. It definitely has a really sweet feel to it, but there is a lot of turmoil going on in Airi's head. He's a total bro-con for his older bro Yuichi. And Airi's bf is completely unaware so far. Ohhh this is gonna tug at my heartstrings I just know it!! Art is amazing. There's some humor and so much feels!!! More please!!!
The art is right up my alley. It's so cute and pretty. The lead MC is so cute!!! I want more of his backstory. And Haru the lead FMC is adorable, but She can't be that dense right? I think it's pretty clear they like each other, but she's not going all the way. I totally understand! Cuddling is so much better!!! This is sweet and confusing, but I wanna see where this goes.
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