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Ok at first I wasn't sure how to feel about this neighbor story. One's in the tv business and the other is a salesgirl. Their only connection is a shared wall and that they both know a famous tv cooking personality. I didn't wanna read about a mistress. But this story is so much more than bad choices. I like that Taira is getting upset on her behalf and wants her to find her confidence. Can't wait to see them grow and hopefully this womanizer gets his karma.
Heh. Looks like Miyawaka got herself a new good boy!!! Her boss!! Lol!!! Their arrangement is all kinds of crazy. So crazy it has to work? Arts ok. Pacing is good. Characters are interesting. I'm gonna be rooting for this one. It's peeked my interest for sure. Also, Lemon is the cutest name for a doggo!!! RIP Lemon you little sweet cutie. Also the boss is hawt!!!
Yeah I'm thinking he's not??? Classic pretend to be interested in someone else so your crush isn't aware of your true feelings/intentions in order to be the closest person to them. At least, that's what I think. I could be very wrong. Art is really nice. So detailed. I like both characters. Want more backstory and hopefully this is told in both POVs. Really liking this so far.
Gasp!!! This escalated quickly!! Akira is remembering her childhood friend who she lost touch with over ten years ago and thinks she's encountered him again at a mixer. But it's not him???? I think I know how this is going to go based on the title, but little to no background is really given yet. So I need the next chapter to get a better grasp. But so far I'm loving the artwork and how fast the story is moving along.
Ohhhhh Akane you're in for it now!! Lol!!! Ren is something else, I can't put my finger on it quite yet. But I'm not hating his duality of professional and nice guy to his wicked Casanova side. And now they're going to see each other on the regular?!? Not 100% original but I'm not hating this one bit. Arts nice and it escalates very very quick.
OMG!!!! I love shoujo!!!! My heart is already singing!!! This is so cute!!!! The art is great. The pacing is really good too. Love how our leading lady isn't into “immature” guys in her grade, but unfortunately try telling that to her heart. She's noticing more and more one particular senpai that's still pretty boyish. Lol!!! Their chemistry is so good!!! He's too cute!!! Playboy?? I don't know yet but I'm all in. Next chapter please!!!
3.5 stars. Arts nice. The story is a bit slow even though there's the whole sex slave thing going on. They're both so awkward and not costumed to talking about what truly bothers them. They keep everything bottled up for the sake of not bothering others even though other people don't necessarily keep their feelings a top priority. It's interesting to say the least.
Cute!!!!!!!! And hawt!!!! But so cute!!!! Momo you little!!! I love the businessman and delinquent trope!!! So funny. Arts pretty good and the pacing is pretty ridiculous but I love it!!! Next please!!!!
OMG!!!! This progressed quickly. Art is great. Interesting plot line. I like both characters, pretty average. Wanna know why Hiroki is trying to shack up so quickly? Very interesting.
This is a slow burn type of story for sure. I wasn't really sure how this was gonna play out, but after five chapters it's pretty clear that both brothers are not normal annnnnd I'm for it 100%. But just when you think one character is gone, surprise!!! He's back and plays a pivotal role in both lead characters lives. Very interesting plot and art is great. It's cute, funny and surprisingly sincere for a smutty manga which just makes it 5 star worthy
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