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lol!!!! So they're basically the best couple ever? They get along well and have the best seggs too?! Lol!!!! I'm sure there's going to be some kind of misunderstanding to get in the way of their HEA but it's pretty hot and the arts nice.
This was way cuter than I thought it'd be. Takumi's imagination is something else! Love that he was constantly staring off in space with a scary look on his face that doesn't match the cute fluffy stuff he's imagining. I love how his mind only runs dirty once Itsuki comes into the picture. This is a very fun and sweet story between two very opposite types of men. The side stories are a total bonus and add to my love for this couple. Takumi is hilarious though. Definitely worth the buy so you can reread again.
Yes!!!! I already love it soooomuch. The cool indifferent guy is actually totally insatiable. Yes!! I'm hoping for some povs from his perspective too!!! Good luck Kiyo!!! I'm so jealous. I love the silly plot and the pretty art. Can't wait to see just how truly insatiable he is and if it's only for Kiyo???? Next one please!!
I gotta love Tomoya's persistence lol!!! Can't keep a good man down. Rejection does not deter him. The art is amazing. The eyes on that “ghost” are haunting in the best ways. This story is funny and spooky. Can't wait for more
Beautiful. Random. Slightly thought provoking and very charming. No real romance whatsoever in the typical sense. If I could explain it I'd probably say that each one-shot feels like it's a prequel if this mangaka chose to lengthen any one of these stories. I don't have a favorite, but I'd love to see more from this mangaka on Renta. If you're looking for dark or smutty it's not here. If you're interested in quirky and a little bit funny then you might enjoy this one as well.
I am love love loving this!!! Childhood friends to lovers is my jam!!!! Love that the mmc has been carrying a torch for her forever eek!!! Also loving the dual povs. So much fun!!! Arts a A++. The characters are both very likable. Can't wait for the second lesson and for this to become requited <3
Very sweet story about two childhood friends to lovers with a lot of making up for lost years due to feelings not being expressed with words. Love that they're super manly total bara vibes. But are still just so silly, even at 40!!!! Men really don't grow up lol!!! Art is not my fave. But the story is so good with bittersweet moments and lots of laughs.
Asdfghjk!!!! I'm drooling here!! Art is gorgeous!!! It's fun and very creative. The attention to detail is amazing! Toru makes the best expressions ever!!! Such a cutie. And the real Mizuki is scary but the scary hot that lures you in lol!!!! This story is… it is everything!! It has two amazing leads that have a dynamic chemistry that shoots off in the stratosphere but manages to be adorable and awww as well. So glad I saw this cover and listened to the first reviewer!!! Definitely worth the money and rereadablity
I love everything about this! The art is stunning! It's pretty hot. A bit noncon in the beginning but it's yaoi so ya know. The boys are cute! The grandmother is so adorable!!! There's an interesting story and some backstory too! And there's a bit of mystery because not all the characters are introduced yet. It's got a lot going on and I want more!!! Can't wait for chapter 3!
This has got so much going for it!!! Love triangle! ML with ED. FL with resting bitch face! Humor galore!!!! It's hot!! Like seriously hot. It's so much better than I was expecting. It's layered. It's funny as hell. It's sweet and it's got plot twists a plenty!!! Just finished ch. 10 and this new transfer student just might be their biggest adversary yet!!! But their love will win for sure!!!! It's so good y'all!!!
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