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OMG!!!! Yes!!!! All of the five star reviews are spot on!!! It's cute!! Funny!! Moves along very quickly and you don't want to miss a beat. Even though it moves quickly it seems like their romance will be a slow burn and I'm A.O.K. with that!I love how earnest Takeru is about his feelings for Leo are. He wants all in!! But Leo isn't sure. But a man's word is his bond, so ya know. But after reading chapter 2 I'm curious about where this is headed. Next chapter please!!!
Lmao!!!! Just when it was getting good she says something most men definitely don't want to think about lol!!! But this is seriously wholesome and cute with a lot of funny misunderstandings due to their age gap and not seeing each other in 12 years!!! She's very naive, but makes up for it with a lot of enthusiasm. And he's a cranky butt, but does the right thing, so far at least ;) can't wait for the next chapter!!!
Is she crazy? Or does Haruki love Aoi so much he manifested into a real guy? I don't know? But the art is pretty. Haruki is super cute!!! He's got sad puppy eyes, gah!!!! It's cute overall and moves along pretty quickly. I'll be staying tuned in.
Oh if this was real life this would suck! No pun intended. Poor dude. Anyway the girl is tenacious!!! Art is super beautiful. But is he going to be ok?
Hehehehe!!! Now I want Ryo's backstory. This is good!! We have a frustrated Hotaru that pretty much keeps to herself. No one knows that she has a huge appetite for smexy times despite never going all the way before. She kinda has a crush on one her most popular coworkers Ryo. Despite his appeal he's been hiding something too. Can these two be more??? Arts good. Storyline is promising. Next chapter please!
The art is soooooooo pretty. Akihiko is dreamy and Soari is so pretty. I am loving this been in love since childhood. It seems very mutual and I can't wait to get to the the confessions. Curious to see how this pans out.
Oh this cute. Our girl Momoka has some serious issues with over fantasying on her daily commute. I love both leads. Pretty refreshing. The male lead is very quirky but oh so honest and cute. It says one shot, but I'd read more about this particular couple for sure.
Awww this is pretty cute. Her boss is just full of surprises!! I love how sweet he is!! Hopefully she quits this “spy” rouse soon. This escalated very quickly and it gets to the steamy bits fast, but there still is some heart to it as well.
This was different from what I usually read. I love role reversals! And this had lovers reunited from a previous life. Have no idea where this is going but it's cute.
Omg! Boys make me cry lol!!! These two are just two big horn balls!!! Lol!!! Umm, not sure there's anything really going on here, but it's funny and slightly cringe inducing because it's not always funny. It's interesting though and I'm really curious to get the other guys POV and what's going to happen with them, since Aoi seems to always be with girls??? Have to wait and see.
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