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I love this mangaka!!! Her art is always so pretty and detailed. Ok this is seriously hot and cute!! Landus gets his first male for his next assignment and rather than be done as a man he changes into a woman lol! Nagisa is seriously funny and a bit crude. I'm very curious as to what this hunky older man does everyday and how their new cohabitation pans out. Off to a good start.
Yup! This is good!! Seo and Natori have lots of chemistry and the pacing is really good. Thumbs up!!
Ha!!! Lol!!! Yeah I'm pretty sure he's already hooked. It's cute. It's funny. It's awkward. It's got steam. It has a hero that's not as he seems and I for one want our heroine to learn more about him too! Go for it!!!
Cute!!!! Love me a gender-swap story. Sho is pretty rude and a bit insensitive. Wonder what he's masking?? And Rufen is so sweet!!! The adventure continues and I'm curious to see who succumbs to who first?
Oh this cute!!!! When life hands you lemons you make lemonade!!! Ena and Rihito both got dumped on their wedding day by their respective partners for each other! It seems like a good time as any to drink your sorrows away, except they're not that beat up about it. Just the fact that they now have to switch their course up. Annnd they have very different personalities, but together they seem like they could have a lot of fun. I like the story, something outta Hallmark and I can't wait to see what's next!
What a refreshing story!!! Kaori and Kouya both have immense intimacy issues even though they both look like they have everything in control and are the epitome of success in their line of work. But they have so much in common. I love the art. I love the pacing and how frank these two leads are. Hilarious!!! Definitely want to see if they go through with this and what will unfold afterwards. Great start to a really fun and slightly provocative story.
Oh wow!!! Keito is so cute!!!!!!!! I love his puppy dog enthusiasm and how eager he is to please Umeno. When Umeno was 16 she befriended a cute little 11 yo Keito and they grew super close like siblings. Only with no word Keito disappeared from her life. 8 years later he's back!!! Still cute, but no longer a little boy. He's all man now, who is famous and definitely seems experienced. The art is gorgeous and the characters are adorable. Hopefully we get to see where he went and where they're going.
Seriously funny and enjoyable!!! I love the art. More please!!!
How I met your mother vibe going on at the end there, lol!! Ok this is seriously cute. Yume is a hot mess of a succubus and needs to “train” on a real human man in order to become a legit succubus. Enter Eigo a popular and extremely successful romance novelist who actually sucks at real love. He's been selected by Yume's loving parents to teach her the ropes and Eigo is having adverse effects. Like maybe L-O-V-E? Cute!!! He's kinda a jerk but can be cute. Want moarrrr please!!
That escalated quickly lol. I like that he asked for permission. He probably has a few hurdles in his way though since she seems to be unused to direct men. But if he's waited 20 years, what's a bit more?
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