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I loved every bit of the love making hehe. I have naughty thoughts. I just kinda wish the ending was a little different but overall I enjoyed it. Lots of naughty scenes. This could have added another manga/chapter too. Lol but I enjoyed it. *thumbs up*
Very cute. Very quick and fast paced and kinda predictable. But it was cute. I
Damn it. Why must it have to end for now lol. I wanna keep reading. Lol. This keeps you wanting to read more and more. But I
It was good. But it could have been better. I
Some stories I felt a little rushed but hey they were all cute and I especially enjoyed the last one. The cutest. But that's my opinion. Lots of stories in one. Good luck.
Oh this is a cute story. Must read. Got me hooked and loved it. The ending was perfect. Loved it.
I enjoyed it at first. Nothing sexual in this which I was hoping for to be honest. The ending was eh..... but it was strong start. I felt like it just ended. *sigh* *spoiler* they don't become anything more than housekeeper and classmates*
I started off strong but it says 'complete' so I am not sure if it ended. Cuz it looks like there's more to come or more to the story.
This has many stories and they are awesome. Kinda quick. But I like it.
The manga didn't end in my opinion. I felt like there were. I ending. They left it open. Ugh. What a waste of my tickets. It was hot then it went lame at the end.
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