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I've read this manga in its entirety over the span of two days, and when accounted for that I attend college for oceanography, that's saying a lot. SHU-CREAM POP has always been my absolutely, unrivaled publisher on Renta!, and will continue to be. Both characters are unique and quirky, the relationship is paced, perhaps a bit fast, but you are never left in the dust- and they're adults, not middle schoolers! It shouldn't take them 100 pages to realize their love (and lust) for each other, right? At any rate, the spicy scenes were peppered with sweet words and important confessions; it was meaningful, and I loved it. The side characters are comedic, as are the main, and the entire manga is worth a read. Promises,, you won't be disappointed!
I was unsatisfied with the plot quality of the book.The art style was attractive, as you're obviously able to tell, but there is not much else. The story lacks substance, something I personally find relatively important. If the potential buyer is interested only in spicy scenes, you've hit the jackpot, but even then, they're laden with cliches and general unappealing dialogue. The plot was most definitely rushed, and both males were so completely insufferable I was unable to complete reading even the first volume; on that note, since I wasn't able to complete it, you may find redemption further in the book? In thesis, I don't advise on buying this manga, especially since it is only avalible for an unlimited amount of time- however, if you know you're one who values are and sex over a washed, almost baren story, this, unfortunately, is your manga.
Love, love, loved it! If you're looking for a sweet, addictive manga, I highly recommend "My Sempai"! Honestly, this story was light, the art style was nostalgic and it captured cute, pure BL. Worth an unlimited buy, I promise.
The situation was a tad inconcievable... And possibly quite, or to me personally, frustrating, because the main character is quite a bit weak.... But, all's well that ends well. I'd personally only pay for 48 hours with tickets, because I don't think it's worth money or keeping forever. It was good though. 3 stars!
Maybe it's me personally, but this was definitely not the best. For it being her first, it's obviously not going to be golden but... The art was a bit stiff and awkward, the storyline quite a bit fast, (and because I love smut) a bit unfufilling. Aside from that, possibly worth a read, but you're not missing much if you decide to save your tickets or money.
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