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There isn't much to expect in the span of two chapters. I would say that the plot caught my interest and I love how Akane is fierce in the first chapter. Unfortunately, the second chapter was jammed packed with forced character development all around. It would have been better if it expanded on a couple more chapters instead of being rushed. Though, I still enjoyed the story for what it's worth.
Super cute series! Smut isn't the main focus, but if you're looking for a good plot, decent art, and adorable characters you will fall in love with, this is a series for you. 2nd chapter is a spinoff of Mimori helping a freshman named Kana, to come to terms with her "curse" self. I also recommend buying this chapter as well to see more character development on Mimori.
Not one of Takumi Izaki's best one-shots, but I still found it to be an entertaining story. The art is decent, and the smut is pretty hot. The main reason why I am giving this a 3 star is that Sho's character development wasn't adequately developed leaving some plot holes between Mitsuru and him.
The stories were okay, but the art was really mediocre. Some of the scenes were distracting me from enjoying the stories. The author is trying to grab the audience's attention who are into older men. They did a pretty good with the first story but unfortunately, the other stories aren't on par. My honesty opinion is to wait for a sale if you're interested in this.
Didn't realize that this was one of Hazuki Kanae's works till I was half way done reading. Highly recommend this collection of one-shots. Her stories are always heart warming and meaningful. Also love her art style! If you're a fan of Suki tte Ii na yo. (Say I Love You.) be sure to check out this collection and her other works.
I wish it was extended longer with a bit more detail to the story. Other than that, I thought the story was very sweet. 2nd volume/chapter is a completely different story with the main guy. I wouldn't suggest buying it if you're looking for more of the main characters from the 1st story.
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