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The art is great. The story is quite cute, but I wish it was a little longer. Chise's big reveal at the end was kind of obvious but overall it was a cute story.
Honestly, one of my favorite mangas right now! The heroine is so refreshing. She is sweet, down to earth, practical and, truthfully, does not care about romance. Her husband is a bit more quiet and aloof, at the start he really only seems to care for his mistress. But that does not last too long. Though he originally proposed the contract marriage strictly to keep up appearances, it is quite clear the man is falling for his wife. I love the story so far and I can't wait to see how this continues to develop. Definitely worth all the points!
I absolutely adore this one. It is cute, fun, sexy. The main characters are great, and the story is entertaining. Every time it updates you can bet I am immediately here for it.
It was very cute and I might have given it a higher score if it did not end so abruptly. Like it seemed they were on their way to developing mutual feelings but then it just ends? Boo!
The art is nice, but her new "brother" drugged her in the first chapter and that is NOT okay!
How is this completed!? It was just getting good!
Overall, a pretty good read about two childhood friends. The art was also pretty nice.