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Really the best thing about this comic is the art and expressions.But I was really disappointed with the guy. I understand that some people like noncon/dubcon, but with everybody using words like "cute" to describe this manga, I wasn't expecting things like that. The character is clingy, forceful, and threatens any guy that talks to the main girl character. I can get behind the dominant boyfriend archetype, but his "moves" make her cry. Any time she talks to a guy, he gets dragged to a bathroom or whatever to get punched or menacingly threatened. Maybe I just don't personally understand the tropes and their appeal, but I think there is a way to portray an attractive, aggressive male character without completely taking away a girl's agency to speak to whomever she wants. Again, I know people like this stuff, but I think the comic should advertise itself less like a cute love manga for teens, or at least not make light of scarily clingy people.
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