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The art and the story plot overall wasn't horrible. However, the problem was there wasn't enough chemistry after the beginning to keep the reader interested in the main couple's romance. It becomes more forceful, and harder for the reader to conceptualize their romance. I get that the male lead has a tsundere character, however, at times I felt like he just cut the main female lead off completely out of dominance and not embarrassment or for whatever reason he couldn't understand her side of things, which really killed the mood. She was also very naive and had a very pure image which made their personalities together seem like water and oil, that is to say the two characters didn't mix well together. The art was beautiful and the beginning of the story really did draw me in as interested to see where their relationship went, I'm just sad the feeling of potential chemistry between them disappeared after their first formal meeting again.
The art is beautiful. The chemistry between the characters is amazing. The main couple is hot!
The art is just beautiful!!!!!
It was short and sweet. The art is beautiful and detailed. I wish this wasn't a oneshot though. I would have loved to seen them actually grow into being in love with each other. I feel like this short plot could be developed into something even greater and different from all the other “Love Manga” plots. It's even different from the mainstream romance manga plots which could be turned into something fun and new in the romance genre.
This story was adorable!!!! The author added just enough characters to make the drama fun but not enough to make you feel like you couldn't follow the romance of Kokoro and Arashi 100%. I loved the adorable art and the sexy scenes were placed perfectly! Kokoro doesn't feel just like a 2D character that is sickeningly cute and not relatable.
The artwork is amazing! I keep looking forward to the next chapter! The sensuality that exudes from both characters is hot and thrilling and the fact that there's so much chemistry between the two is incredible for not being in a set relationship yet. I'm totally fan-girling the MC's together!
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