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It's decent, a little cliche though. Girl has secret relationship with her boss. The art is nice and its totally worth the money. Overall it's very average but for a great price.
Totally worth the money! The art is amazing and beautiful and the men are actually drawn really well! It has great pacing and nothing felt rushed. Every story was unique and had great couples. Totally recommend this great read!
Great story so far! The two main leads are adorable and have a Romeo and Juliet feeling. It's well drawn and I can't wait to see how the story and characters develop. Can't wait for the next update!
The main guy is such a stand up dude, so nice and sincere. The story is great as well as the characters, very well drawn! Cant wait for the next chapter! This is definitely worth the buy!
Everything is mediocre. The characters, steamy moments, artwork, plot, main girl and love interest. All just "eh". I suggest you spend your money else where. There's also a LOT of slut shaming, to the point where you could make a drinking game out of it and be wasted by the end of the first volume, which is irritating.
This manga was the reason I got Renta and boy did it not disappoint! I'm so excited for the next chapter I love this!
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