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the art is extremely adorable. I dig this kind of drawings and the story is good. I do have a problem understanding the sentence and need to re read a few times. not sure whether it's originally articulated poorly, or because of the translation that's done subpar. overall great manga. hope to see more titles from this author.
wow I like this manga a lot. the story is cute! although I stumbled upon this title from the sadistic seme tag, and while this doesn't really quench my thirst for that trope, I still enjoy it a whole lot for the great art and plot
really smutty manga I must say. Almost all chapters have sex scenes, not that I'm complaining ( 諭属
So far it's good and interesting! The art is gorgeous. Although gotta admit that the uke accept things too easily lol. But hey the smut is good, and the storyline is interesting.
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