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So far this is a fantastic piece of work and I am really looking forward to volume 2 which I really hope won't take too long. Worth the price.
I don't know how to rate this other than a 3 because this story is like super rushed. I mean it, this manga is so rushed that the protagonist gets pregnant in 24 hours and then 48 hours later he's giving birth. How that didn't kill him I don't know but what I do know is that with how old the kids look in the final bits of this manga they sure as heck aren't going to survive for very long. This is not a manga that is deserving of two volumes it's a one volume kind of thing that I'm guessing that they just kind of split into two because they could. I've seen other manga take the time to invest the pages to tell their story with the same amount of space and still not make the work seem so rushed. I'd give it a lower rating if it wasn't so cheap, as funny as it is, or how it upholds its promise of mpreg.
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