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This was surprisingly good! I was hesitant because of the cover art, but the art is actually quite decent, the stories are cute, and the scenes are super steamy. Definitely worth a read! I hope to see more of this author.
I was hesitant to read this at first because of the art I saw in the preview, but man am I happy I gave it a chance! It is so sweet, and once I started reading, I couldn't stop. The story is solid, and it has it's steamy moments, and the art improves throughout. Definitely worth a read!
I can look past the art, it's fine, except for the stereotypical ukes looking girls and the semes being twice the size of the ukes. The story is absurd, and no I'm not talking about mpreg, I know what I signed up for when I decided to read this. Truth be told I only made it through the first few chapters, or the first arc if you will. The main character's motives are weak. "Oh I hate being captured and raped, but you raped me first so I love you." The story obviously begins with a non-consensual relationship, but give him a better reason to develop feelings for the seme than that! Also, how can the dude be taking Kaoru's virginity, if he just saved Kaoru from another dude who was raping him? I would have given it a two, but the sex scenes were hot enough to keep me reading, so... go for it if that's all you want.
The art reminded me of 90's manga with its great detail in shading, which can seem a little creepy at times, and makes some of the action scenes hard to see. My biggest complaint has to be the ending. The climax was difficult to follow, and the end leaves a major question pertaining to the plot (the debt) that should have been answered. Also, it has a weird flash-forward at the end, and doesn't provide much explanation of how they got to that point, which irritates me. Still it has a happy ending, a detailed story, and plenty of hot sex scenes. Not a bad yakuza story, if you're in the mood for one.
The first half you can take or leave. There's not much story, but the couple is sweet, and there are a lot steamy scenes. Personally I thought there was a bit too much dialogue and word bubbles in those scenes making them a chore to read when I would have rather just looked at the art. The second half is phenomenal! It focuses on a different couple with really interesting characters. Especially the uke, he's so weird, but I love him! It's a refreshingly different dynamic than what I've found on renta, and I think if you don't mind some dark themes, like morbid obsession, you might want to give it a read. I loved the characters so much I ended up paying the extra tickets to keep it. I will say this, I'm not sure if the uke actually enjoys the sex that is kind of forced upon him, but he willingly puts up with it so he can stay with the guy he's obsessed with. So if you have issues with themes of non-consent, (and the line here is blurred), be advised.
I regret spending a ticket on this story. The plot was rushed, and read like a bad fan fiction. Almost comically so. But hey, it's in color!
Probably my favorite manga I've read on this cite thus far! It's hot, cute, and the characters have an interesting arc. It's not your typical yaoi story. Natsuki in particular is definitely different from a lot of ukes, in that he first sees Tsukasa as competition, and not a love interest. My only wish is that they had explained how Tsukasa came to like Natsuki. (It'd also be nice if it were less censored).
This is really sweet... but they never do it! The art is nice, the story is good, but you never get to see them in action. So if you just want a tender story rent this, but if you want smut look elsewhere.
This is so cute! I can't reccommend this enough!
Dark! I mean you really fall down the rabbit hole with this one. The art is beautiful, and the story is really intriguing. My biggest complaint is that the translation messes up at some parts, but other than that it's really good. It does have a lot of mind control and non-consensual sex, so if you can't stomach that, don't read.
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