Bayoutachi's Reviews & Ratings

it's kinda good, it has the bittersweet scene and the characters past were explained well. The author did a great job, I salute! The mother is understanding (a plus point) tho. Rather than get tagged with yaoi, it should be tagged in shounen ai section, there's no NSFW scene at all in the manga. If it's within recommendation or not, I'll settle with 50-50, the story itself were slow paced at first (from ch 1-3 you even can cut it on half and skip 1 chapter it won't make any difference about the end), not many conflict arise, mostly miscommunication issues tho lol
fast paced story, it ends in a rush and there's so much unsolved things, rape scene on 4/6 chapters. After reading you'll forced to think "what the F did I just read?" I'm so confused, there's no explanation why he's gay, he just obsessed with the bottom who happened to encourage and bother to get close to the him. Also the bottom become gay all of the sudden, it felt like 8 years relationship with the gf had no meaning at all, they even GET ENGAGED FGS SMH, oh well, i don't recommend reading this, but if you're masochist like me (who happened to ignore the reviewers warning), feel free to read this, I'm going outta here.
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