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Spicy, sweet, and hilarious. Do yourself a favor and check this series out, it's for sure a masterpiece!
So far the first 2 chapters are great, our female lead is super adorable and has the ability to see spirits even though she's terrified of them. But she has an affinity for fluff and guess who's got that?! Our male lead! A very attractive and sly fox who's developed a strong interest in our FL. I'm a huge sucker for the sadistic boyfriend dynamic. I'm also a big fan of the anime kamisama hajimemashita so no surprise that I love this story so far! My only critique is the smut scenes could be a bit more detailed, particularly on the male lead. But I'm only 2 chapters in so I'm sure the scenes will get spicier! I highly recommend this series so far! The chapters are very long too!
I get how the non-con at first can trigger some people, but this is a totally fantasy for others. It does get sweeter after the first chapter and we get a back story on why this dude is obsessed with our FL. I kinda like that it's got some mild yandere undertones, because again this is fictional! There's no lack in vanilla stories on this site so this story is pretty refreshing! The smut scenes are super hot and detailed, the art is phenomenal and the characters are really attractive as well. The illustrations do a great job of showing emotions as well, gotta love when they depict what the ML is feeling! It adds so much to the smut scenes. If you're on the fence about it, just give it 2-3 chapters to test it out. I love it and am anxiously waiting for the next!
Hear me out… If you're a sucker for bad guys that are actually big awkward teddy bears that just have trouble expressing how they feel… You'll like this read a lot!! I am such a sucker for bad boys who turn good!! The first couple chapters can be hard for some people, but trust the author's process, there are back stories and character development!! This story easily became one of my faves! Helps that the smut scenes get hotter the more the ML and FL fall for each other!
The story and the illustrations are a masterpiece. This comic has some of the most complex and relatable dialogue I've ever read! The characters have so much depth, tension, and complexity. Their dynamic is very refreshing and not stereotypical at all. Love love love this story and the smut scene in chapter 11 had my heart RACING. So beautifully illustrated, and so much attention to detail. Nothing in this story is rushed (seriously it's a slow burner lol) highly recommend this read!!
Great dominant ML! He very much cares for the FL but in typical possessive fashion-only he can bully her lol Female lead is clumsy and stubborn. The smut scenes are very spicy and the show great emotional chemistry between the 2. The dialogue and plot could use a lil more complexity… so 4 stars!
Oh man, this one is a master piece! Hilarious, gorgeous artwork, really hot characters and very… *ahem* steamy and detailed smut scenes! And there's a real nice plot twist in the end which makes this one the the best pieces I've read in awhile! I really wanna see more of this, but it's completed!
I was able to read some of “A dream between the sheets” before it was removed (for some reason) and this series is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!! It's giving us the continuation and conclusions to the short snippets we read in the prequel series! (I wish it was still up, as I never got to finish it) the art in this series is so nice, I really love this author's work! They have written/illustrated very unique series. The smut scenes are very hot. My favorite couple are Reiji and Nanoko and I'm SO happy the latest chapter includes them!! I anxiously await the new chapters!
First off, the art is amazing! The illustrations have great depth, and interesting angles so it's visually very fun to read. I find myself going over panels multiple times before moving onto the next. Secondly, the smut scenes are so incredibly hot! The author does a great job of illustrating the male lead's expressions (which add so much to the smut scenes), which I find in other stories the male lead tends to lack expression. Thirdly, both leads are complex, and have great chemistry! The female lead is so refreshing. Amongst a sea of weak-willed, soft-spoken and confused female leads, she contrasts greatly with her strong will, straight forwardness, and confidence. And finally, there's a lot of character development, I really feel attached to the characters because of this! You definitely won't be disappointed in this read, especially if you're in a rut with finding something different to read!
The illustrations and intimate scenes are very hot! It's a story of a relationship blossoming from a friends with benefits stage! So it starts off very steamy to grab your attention. Although it's not as plot heavy as some other stories, it's still a very interesting read. The ML is a very handsome and the FL is hot! If you're looking for a hot read without getting too invested, then look no further! I would say I'd love more scenes of the ML reactions of the FL during intimacy to see what he's feeling.
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