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This work is surprisingly good! It was kind of a risky purchase since there were no other reviews at the time, but I could see from the first chapter that the art is really great.Trigger warning, the uke, Nazuku, is sexually taken advantage of right off the bat. He is a very naive high school student who doesn't have a sense of self at all at first, growing up while letting his sister tell him how to live his life, so without spoiling anything that should give you an idea of his character. The seme on the other hand, Aya, does only what he wants, and lives an indulgent life that revolves around sex and nothing else. Put these two together, and a very unusual chemistry results...What begins as an almost matter-of-fact sexual relationship, slowly turns into both of them learning more about themselves, what they want, and growing with each other.Very sweet manga that will surprise you since it is very sex-heavy at the start. Average yaoi story but has a certain magic in the telling.
omg, I'm in love with this comic!! I don't normally write reviews, but this is so good I must recommend it to everyone who is considering taking a look!!The artwork is absolutely breathtaking, and the story is a dramatic romance that makes me think of Romeo and Juliet - I binged 70+ chapters in one day and found myself suddenly caught up!Xuan Xiao and Shen Yu are amazing characters that develop far from where they began, how their relationship progresses continued to captivate me~ Not to mention there are lots of supporting characters to fall in love with, and several bishounen whose looks will make you swoon! Note, this comic is purely shounen-ai as any suggestive scenes "fade to black" at any hint of sex, so please keep that in mind.My only criticisms are that some of the translation work done by Kuaikan, and the typesetting/editing/QA in the comic could be a bit better. Occasionally there are typos, speech bubbles with the same lines pasted twice, and inconsistent lettering.
Absolutely adorable, definitely recommend! This is one of those run-of-the-mill "brothers who aren't related by blood" BL manga, but the art is nice and the story and characters are fun so it's a great read if you're looking for silly sweetness with just a dash of brief H sprinkled here and there. After the brothers' story there's a separate oneshot involving truck driver coworkers that I loved as well, honestly I enjoyed it more so there's a bit of variety to be had in this book~
Cute story and pretty artwork! Definitely recommend if you like fluff and family stories :)
I LOVE THIS! Tough guy ukes are my jam and the cop is hot~ A bit disappointed the censors cover quite a bit more than needed but it's fine. Definitely recommend!
I ADORED this manga! To be fair, I'm biased towards Ikuyasu-sensei's work from past experiences, but the delicious artwork and the sweet/sexy stories make this one of my recent faves. Yes, some of the plotlines are a bit predictable, but the characters are gorgeous and are actually decently developed in the few chapters they get since the book is a collection of short stories. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for something smutty, yet also cute and funny!
Artwork: 10/10Story: 10/10H: 10/10!lol, I really enjoyed this work! At first I wasn't sure if I would like the relationship between the main character and his best friend, but once it turned into a love triangle (-ish) I really loved the dynamic there. Ikuyasu-sensei's art is also BEAUTIFUL and the characters have quite a bit of depth, it's a wonderful read. Definitely recommend!
Oh my gosh I absolutely love this manga!At first the preview didn't appeal to me since it was a bit slow to start, but further in chapter one things really start to get interesting. Honda-sensei's artwork is lovely and the story is silly and sweet. If you like tsundere ukes and happily-ever-after endings you'll like this one; definitely recommend :)
This was an okay read. I enjoyed the visuals in this series, but it doesn't have much else going for it. PROS: The artwork is good; the guys are handsome and the main character is pretty, makes for great eye candy. CONS: The story is a bit flat; there isn't much depth and most of it is predictable. Sex scenes are just quickies, they're not very detailed and don't really get creative, either.
If you're in the mood for something that feels like a Japanese romance drama (i.e. love triangles, crimes of passion, backstabbing) but also happens to be a debauched yaoi sex romp, I'd definitely recommend this! Despite its stereotypical beginning (like a lot of smutty BL, the main character is forced against his will the first few times), there's more character development than I thought there would be and interestingly the story is partly set whilst on the lam, as well as in the lockup. The sex scenes are plentiful and Oushima-sensei's artwork is great. The ending left me a bit wanting, but only because the volume was so good I'm dying for a sequel! Basically if you can imagine a well-produced jail-themed Japanese GV in manga form this would be it, lol.