Angelfox7's Reviews & Ratings

Loved it wanted more. Hoping more is to come!
I really love this story! It's so cute!
I'm excited for this one because it's really cute and I'd like to see if she get caught by any of the other guys. For it's hard to hide the fact that your a girl for a long period of time. It's cute and fun! I can't wait to read more!
I love it so far I just wish there was more!
Good story has great potential I just wish it would update again it's been awhile since it has but otherwise it's a very cute story
Idk how it is complete it just leaves you hanging right in the middle I have very mixed feelings about this it starts off so good but the end is so .....
I really enjoyed this in the beginning the end just seems quite abrupt. I do wish there was more for all of the build up. I was expecting a bit more excitement. Although it is a good read.
I really injoyed this. My only problem with it is that there was not more.
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