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Finally I found a shonen ai in this site. Sweet with some angst, no sex scenes, but sadly it's rated r18 (dunno why). Why don't you tag shonen ai for distinguish?
Strong point of this work is dialogues. Weakpoints are anathomy, facial expressions ( sometimes too weird) and sex scenes (too long). Read it if you like bakacouples.
I found this really difficult to read. Sincerly I don't see any pride in the mc choices, and the final is horrible. I really can't understand her mind, maybe as a gaijin I simply can't acceptthat concept of "pride" Yoshiwara sistem period teached to jap woman.
Not so much smut here, but a very nice story of hosts' life. Plus, it's a love manga and BLish someway, thanks to the crossdress theme. If you like these ingredients try it!
This is a strange one. I was expecting a love manga triangle but then it becomes more similar to a H for men. If you like this commistion, try it!
If you like vintage shojo art, this is for you. The hosts are so purely beautiful but the atmosfere is so pervy especially at the beginning. I love this contrast and style.
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