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Absolutely adorable and even the side story is cute. Both of the hunks get bullied by their smaller partner. The main story hunk, Akira, gets ruthlessly dominated and topped by his adorable princess boyfriend Mao. They wind up holding hands and finally falling in love, and it's such a refreshing take on this classic size difference! 100% worth 10$ all by itself. Then the second story, while having the cute sweet sex kitten be the bottom, has him cleverly manipulating his hunk into wild sex in all sorts of places. Surprise feelings and love confessions make it just as satisfying despite being more like the classic small on bottom setup we see too often. So hopeful to see more by this fantastic artist and author!
Another hidden jem. Laurent has such a deep love for his Master. Who takes and takes and takes every scrap of Laurent, wanting all of Laurent without ever really giving his own love in return. This story punched me in the feels and came back to rabbit kick me in the heart as the story wound up and then down before bulldozing me with the fluffiest and (bitter)sweetest ending I was ever blessed with reading. Seriously, do yourself a favor and download this. You will never look at daffodils the same way again. Warning for classism and the perennial favorite non-con scene between young Arthur and Laurent. It's reeeeaaallllly Dub con with non-con sauce. But still worth noting. If you can make it past that, totally worth buying, especially at only 6 bucks.
Holy cats.Best find on the site. Had the usual non-con standard in the genre, but it was beautifully played out as a tool to hone and drive the uke into becoming the king he was meant to be. I wound up wondering just how much the lord really was indifferent, and how much was A grade Zanatos Speed Chess and Glorious Bastard tropes master level manipulation. I came for the cheap thrill and was shocked to get such a masterfully well done story in it's place. I wound up actually caring about everyone, which made the ending so so so much more worth it. If Royals boning and political intrigue and grooming/manipulation get you going, run, do not walk, to download this bad boy. A+++ would buy anything by this author. Holy crap. Again. O.o this was so much better than I expected.
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