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Has potential.Art is excellent, in style, quality, expression and layout.Story is character-driven, side characters seem to have life despite limited screen time.Biggest issue? Leap from intent to situation. There is zero build, no explanation. Boom. Completely naked in his apartment on top of him. How? Why would he let this person in, what were the expectations? I guess if you want to jump into smut immediately, this is for you? But it could be so much more than that. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it smooths out.
The art and MC kept it from one star. This is a sexual assault story with very little chance of the attacker learning anything or being punished. It's a dime a dozen concept and it's pretty gross to boot. Keep away. Unless you have a non-con fetish, I guess.
Better than romance (and I am an avid reader of romance). This character transcends that genre out of class, willpower, and cleverness. Cannot wait for more.... join me in waiting with bated breath...
What do you mean 'completed'???? It's pretty good; art style, fully coloured, went a bit deeper than these sorts of stories usually do. I'm a fan, hope to see a little more about these two.
Sorta weird... art is good. Nothing is really established solidly, so it ends up confusing as far as character motivation and such. I don
I couldn't get enough! Interesting characters, a good plot, chemistry was great! Everything balanced out great, highly recommended!
I have no idea actually what the rating should be. I have no clue what the message here is supposed to be? The idea of the protagonist as looking young was mentioned once and then made no difference, his boyfriend harassed and pressured him into being in the relationship, then he gets assaulted by a stalker? All I feel is confusion and pity...
I'm always disappointed when these stories lean so heavily on rape as 'romance'... The art is good and the characters are interesting but I'm sick of this genre masking sexual assault as something appealing. A physical reaction is just that and does NOT equal consent.
The art is lovely, expressing a personal flair in a style I adore. The pacing is good in the first two acts, then falls into a common trap of ridiculous excelleration these stories often do. I felt that the characters were well established until the author was running out of time to shoehorn in the 'happily ever after' trope. This would be an amazing tale if it were expanded upon.
It's a pretty cute story, they're both really unlucky I guess pfft
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