bluestreak77's Reviews & Ratings

Omg so good! Very smutty! And consensual being a total tease. Boss and office romance. Cannot wait for more chapters!
Wholesome. Absolutely no sex scenes. I wanted to stop reading because of that, but I found myself needing to know what happened.
Its not a bad story line and the characters are okay, but it was hard to enjoy because my phone may not be big enough. The words were blurry and hard to see. Plus some bubbled words were in front of objects that made it blend in. I like the smut scenes. Not sure if I will buy second chapter because of word issue.
If there are more chapters, this isnt bad but if they don't do more chapters it's awful. I would wait til more chapter appear. Its cute but if you want smut, there is none.
Amazing! Some smut scenes, but more a story than just for sex. It's a cute story, and I feel worth the tickets. It starts off as blackmail but turns into something else. I like how kawachi looks cool but acts like a total nerd.
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