andianime's Reviews & Ratings

I've been following this story closely for new updates and every time a new chapter releases, it's an instant purchase for me! It's so good! From coworker rivals to lovers, that's so up my alley! I love this artist, they draw bodies so nicely! The females look so soft and pretty and the men are so attractive and fit, so HOT! I love how Higashimachi is gentle and patient with Komari and doesn't force her to do anything she doesn't want but he also takes the lead and knows how to make her feel good! It's so sexy, I love them so much! I can tell they love each other very much! I can't wait for more of this story to unfold with this new rival patisserie!
IM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS!!! The pretty cover and the preview pages were enough to intrigue me! It ended up being way more fluffier and sexier than I thought! Wow! The perfect combination!! Kazuya is so cute, I want to protect him lol! I would give ANYTHING to get more of the 2nd story about the brother and his new lover hehe, they were so hot too, megane lovers rise!! This author is fantastic, the art, the kisses, the sexiness and fluffiness is 10/10!! I would love to purchase more of their stories!
It's always an automatic purchase from me when it comes to Yuo Yodogawa!!! Always does a great job of getting me immersed into their worlds and, as always, the art is spectacular! This story was so different from their other ones!! Zombies and BL?? I'm so in!! I loved it, I am crying!! I adore this couple!! Btw why do I also want a story between the Lif Pharma employees!? They're hot!! Lmao! I cannot wait for vol 2!!
This was a really good read! I enjoyed it, really perverted but in a good way lol. You could just feel that the main characters really loved each other while also being accepting of the other's sexuality/desires. Also, please let me know when Harasawa gets his own story because I need it!! Haha, strangely, I couldn't help but be intrigued by him!