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Despite how the cover looks and the title, it's actually a thoughtful story with interesting characters, a couple twists, and a good message/moral. It has an optimistic ending that echos the popular saying "it does get better", especially if you are true to yourself. The artwork and sex scenes are great. I recommend giving this story a read.
Interesting premise, but too incomplete. Seeing how the artist had to cut parts out to make the deadline or page limit, you can really tell. It's a shame because it's something unique. Going by the progression of the story, the main characters act more like friends than lovers. The sex feels rushed and more of an afterthought. They seem pushed to be bi than actually gay. What little sex we got, it's only okay and pretty standard. The art is good though. Note that there's an extra unrelated story near the end about a dog groomer and a down-and-out guy that acts like a dog. Nothing really special about that short story. For the overall book, I felt disappointed.
Overly dramatic to sometimes confusing motivations, this manga is a grab bag of revenge and sadistic sex (apart from the first story). Nothing seems complete or have any particular related theme. The art is good though with some interesting perspective views. I can't really recommend.
A slightly scary, but fun manga. It feels like a base for a monster-of-the-week type anime where each chapter deals with a new and different problematic ghost. Each chapter also shows some character growth between the two main characters and how Shouta learns to live with his unwanted gift. The only issue I have with the story is the insistence that Shouta turned gay because an older man molested him when he was younger. It's even worse when said man is shown in a positive light by Shouta. Still, this is a cute BL story with good art.
I highly enjoyed this. It's one of the better mangas with the Angel/Demon theme and is surprisingly cute with a bittersweet ending. The art is good. About the sex, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting more from a sex-for-wishes storyline. There seems to be missing backstory to why Togo is so amused by humans, but his minimal commentary does help to why he fell for a human as easily as he did. Overall, this manga could have lasted a little longer and needed more in the sex department, but it's still going in my favorites list on this site.
Abusive relationships and red flags ahoy. The stories are just okay and centers on the main character's present and past. Neither semes are particularly likeable. It has good art and great sex scenes so at least this manga has that going for it.
A short and sweet story that leaves you hanging. There's nothing really unique or new here, but did the usual friends-since-childhood story well. I did enjoy the addition of Akito's friend and his role. The art is nice and clean. A quick story if you don't want any sex scenes.
Expect a fluffy and a whole lot of silly blushing faces, but unmemorable story. The usual "I gave up on true love so I have meaningless sex with random guys" main character, the same accidentally-sounding-like-a-pedophile joke in the first two chapters, and unnecessary drama. The art ranges from okay to odd looking. (Mashiro suffers a 100 mile stare a lot of times.) This setup of older men having a family with a child is done better in other manga (such as 'Family Simulation' on this site). The sex is okay though and I'm a sucker for Junpei's clichéd backstory.
Just a compilation of very messy and dirty sex stories with a delivery boy kink mixed in. If story isn't too important to you, this is perfect. The middle three chapters are more interesting in the story and character departments, but have little to no relation to the delivery boy theme. The main gripe I have is the sex scenes are cluttered and it's sometimes hard to understand what is going on. There's not much more to say about this title.
It's a story about innocence lost and acceptance. The main characters complements each other pretty well. I was worried that Makito's innocence would be too annoying, but he is more modest (before Haruma "awakens" him) than naive. Some of the story feels really underdeveloped (such as Haruma's brother and Mitsu's story arcs) but the main story is complete after the 5th chapter. The 6th chapter feels unnecessary and kinda out of place. It's good for another sex scene if you wanted more, I guess, but it's a weak premise with a lack of originality. Not sure where the story can really go from here on out (apparently it's still Ongoing after this current chapter 6). The art is great with some really, REALLY cute facial expressions from Haruma. There are a lot of great sex scenes too. Overall, I would recommend reading.
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