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Love this author! This work is a refreshing low tension read. Very sweet. Now I want to read more about Togawa and Shims please!
Such a great story. A bit different from the usual. I wasn't sure what couple I should be rooting for at first, but it all comes together nicely after a bit of nail biting. I want more stories from this world (Shin's love story?!) Heartily recommend!
Fantastic art and a lot of cuteness. Really nice no tension, sexy read. Go ahead, rent it!
Very sweet and cute, but little sex appeal. I'd classify it as shounen ai, not yaoi. The art is nice. A pleasant little read, no tension.
I really liked this and wish it had continued further. It had more of a plot than much of the Yaoi on Renta. There was decent character development and growth. The art was nice and the shit was hot. Definitely a good rent.
Quite short, but full color! The art is nice and the story combines some of my favorite things; bad boys, reunions, and tattoos! It's a good rental.
The art is fantastic and the smutty scenes are off the charts. If only there was no damn censorship. Gotta love the "lightsaber penis" :D The plot is great and I really like the dialogue. Yosuke is an total asshats. Shingo should have knocked him out. You'll definitely enjoy this one!
I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO FRIGGIN MUCH!! DEAR MANGAKA, PLEEEEEEEASE JUST KEEP WRITING ABOUT THESE TWO AS THEY GO THROUGH LIFE! I'm nervous for them because Danno graduates before Tsukasa, how will they cope?!
At first I was so damn irritated with Tsukasa, and wanted to kick Danno in the ass. Thankfully they both redeemed themselves! This story will make you a bit sad, a bit frustrated, a bit horny ;), and ultimately you'll catch the warm fuzzies. So friggin adorable. Now off to read volume two!!
Such a sweet, low tension read. I absolutely adore this couple. There's a nice sense of realness to them. And, as in the prequel, the art is wonderful.
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