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Beautiful art, super cut and funny.
Nice story, nice art. I like the ending, it has a nice message.
Story is predictable and cliché with little attraction, but the presentation is ultra-funny and worth it.
Pretty good story, really nice, strong heroine. Hero is boring but that's almost always the case in HQ. The art isn't technically great but has a load of heart.
Not my cup of tea. Renta has a lot of dominant guys, and that's fine, but here they're far too aggressive and it spoils the mood.
Pretty good art and an excellent, proactive MC.
The story can be confusing at times (why would it be a marketing problem for her to marry? It's proving the TV dumbo wrong!), but the daughter, Apollonia, is incredibly cute and warms the heart every time she bounces around! Nice.
Super cute and funny, a ray of sunshine really. Everything has small problems but they really don't affect enjoyment.
This artist is honestly underutilized here. They're amazing! The art is some of the best I have ever seen on this site, paneling is always interesting, and despite the amount of detail, everything is clear and readable.The story and characters are pretty damn good too. They're both cute, and there's a very nice balance between them.
Super cute story.
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