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The story's a little hard to follow but the art's really nice to look at. Its... an interesting little one-shot, that's for sure.
YES!!!! I love Niyama-sensei's works so much, and this manga is no different. This couple is so sweet and adorable, I'm so glad they got a second book. And WHEW them H-scenes! So hot omg
The art is solid (as with all of Haruta-sensei's works), and the stories are both fun and cute. Definitely a good read if you don't care for realism or a super romantic plot. I liked it a lot; I'd definitely recommend this one.
This manga is super cute so far, and the art is literally amazing. If you like more realistic stories with older men (that are still really pretty, lol) then definitely check this out! Niyama-sensei is one of the best BL mangaka out right now, and all of her works are fantastic!
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