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I'm here for all of this. Intrigued Cis top and diligent bottom in a spooky fantasy is just right for Halloween time.
It's that slow burn bittersweet love you can't help, but like to read.... especially when it's happening to someone else.
I love the story! the looks the male lead gives are aces. Just wish... if you are going to draw a 33 year old woman and 35 year old man then do it! Boobs that big stop being perky after 28, it's just a fact of gravity on skin.
I had to give up after a few chapters. I liked the premise, but his sleeping around just distracted me too much. Why start with a fling, but then continually point out how flings have no soul? Makes it impossible to believe he'll stay after he finally gets her. No point in continuing to read.
The teasing all the way to the end was just amazing. The art was great too, I liked that the uke was a little less than perfect visually. The semes looks when he's teasing hit just the right spot.
Bless this writer. This is great! And yes, button downs were not meant for girls with big boobs. The only disconnect is that playing with herself made her more sensitive?
Need more like this! Girls have this issue too (too intense, thought you were gay, wanted someone more delicate) so it's nice to see it being addressed in this format. Also the side fantasies are my favorite plot device.
Finally, a nerdy girl who isn't just a cute girl in glasses. I love the characters and the way the casual sex was handled by the author. Absolute fav.
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