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It's a bittersweet sweet story. And while it's cute, my issue is they don't deal with the highlighted mental illness. Somewhat of a spoiler below.XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I don't want to give away too much, but I felt the author wanted to cut a clear line between personalities that you'd think there's two souls when there isn't. It's just one person...with a mental illness. And it wasn't dealt with in a healthy manner. But this is imo. I do apologize if you read this and found it gave away too much of the story. I was hoping this portion would be cut off.
This was sexy, funny and oomph, cute. The art kinda changed from ch 2 onward but I preferred it to the first chapter! Both charas are extremely cute.
Honestly the first story was cute but forgettable. The 2nd story was terrible! Dubcon is walking a fine line in that one and I didn't feel comfortable reading it. The last one just seemed dangerous to a guys ass! That was uncomfortable to read, too. Really, don't spend 6 dollars on this manga. Just rent if you want a short but cute story from the first couple.
Pretty cute for a light read. Though I feel like the Ukes feelings are never completely solidified. The ending seemed slightly incomplete? Like open for a 2nd volume or omake.
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