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This was really hot. I highly enjoyed the art, and while the story was short, it didn't suffer for it. I would love to see more.
This story was so beautifully drawn. It feels a little rushed, story-wise. There were a few scenes were the artist didn't keep things in order. Specifically, there's a panel that the FL's arm's are supposed to be bound behind her head, but she's on her hands and knees.Despite that, the art and story are wonderful.
I've read better, but I've also read much worse. The art was good, the story was good as well. I enjoyed the additional sex scenes in comparison to other harlequin stories.
I'm literally doing a happy dance. I adore this story and already cannot wait for the next chapter.
I loved the artwork in this. The various stories were kind of linked, which was also pretty nice. I only wish the first story was another chapter or two long.
This story is cute. I always enjoy a good crossdresser. And the other main is too adorable.The only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me is because this story has been left at two chapters for too long. It's not marked as completed, so there must be more! Where's the rest??
I adored how cute and sweet this was. While I wish there was more, the length isn't too short for the story. The artwork is also adorable. I'd love to see more from this artist.
I adore crossdressing manga and this one was amazing. I wish it was longer, but the artwork makes up for it.
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