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I'm losing track of how many times I've reread this waiting for the next volume xD The art is cute and although the story is a bit campy and not too deep it's still fun! A good read to pass the time if nothing else~~
Adorable art to go with super cute stories about different kinds of love! There's some steamy bits that go really well with the stories but mostly it's just heartwarming and sweet. I loved it!
The art is great and the characters are pretty well-written too! But the premise is kinda lackluster and everything feels a bit rushed or forced to me. Was not worth my 400 points imo.
The art is nice and I'm sure it picks up but I'm not a fan of stories where guys force themselves on girls like that, and it moves so quickly there's no feeling in any of it. Probably won't read the rest.
Just a cute and simple love story with some sexy thrown in! Nothing to write home about but if you want something to warm your heart, this is the one!
I love almost everything by Wakana-sensei but this is by far my favorite! Cute, realistic characters with a heartwarming story and relatable struggles - it's perfect! I can't stop rereading it
Although the premise is a little cliche the art is so cute and I love that we get narration from both characters! I can't wait to see where this goes!!
I am so happy this manga talks genuinely and sincerely about issues for transwomen. So many manga use
I really enjoyed the art in this one although the story kinda feels all over the place. It doesn't seem like there's any further volumes either so we don't get like any serious closure, just some implications. Still cute if you're looking for something fun and a twist on office romance!
I honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel about this one initially but I ended up really liking it! The art is lovely and the story isn't quite as dark as the title might make you think. Honestly my only gripe was that we didn't get more of an epilogue or something at the end but it was still super cute!
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