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A fluffy cute read that's easy to pick up and hard to put down! This is probably one of the best mangas I've found on Renta! The lead is relatable and i can sympathize with him and his love interest is so kind and sweet!
This is a great series about a girl who is an amazing cook and is in an unhealthy relationship and a boy who is apathetic about most things. I loved how the characters both grew and developed and how Taira (MMC) was really kind and supportive. The art was very cute as well. I wish this was longer as the story could be fleshed out a lot more and have so much depth. Very sweet story!
So far pretty interesting! We don't see how far they go that one night so that'll be an interesting plot device. Haruka is a very shy woman and its pretty cute, though I hope she ends up becoming more confident. Art is cute too. 4 stars because the story just isn't quite there for me yet.
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