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I really enjoyed this, although I dare say it was just a bit rushed at the end! Still got a sweet ending for a great pair of characters so I'm content - the best stories always leave you wanting more I guess.
A fun story, but the ending wasn't very satisfactory. As someone else said, the coworker ends up being shown as a more interesting/good match for the FMC. I feel like the MMC didn't have any positive traits shown in the story either which made it kinda sad that the FMC confessed "love" for him at the end.I think this could have been an excellent story of we got more emotional turmoil and conflict from the fact the coworker was genuinely nice and interested in the FMC, and then maybe there was a tsundere/jealous aspect to the MMC that gave him some redemption from his cold analytical personality.
Wow, what a great series!! The plot is fun, sincere, and tons of GREAT hot scenes! No regrets buying this, can't wait for the next issues!
What a sweet series! A great read when you want something heartwarming; not terribly expensive for the whole set either.
A very bitter(sweet?) story - beautifully drawn and excellent plot. It's dark, so don't read this when you want a wholesome ending.
Wow! Did not expect this spin on the teacher/student trope! Great pacing, handsome characters and fun plot. Highly recommend, worth the full price!
Great art, but had to stop after 2nd issue because of the dubious consent - I think it's a stretch to even call it dubious, it straight up seemed non consensual in both sex scenes so far.
Pretty average romance, nothing past some make-outs. Charlotte is quite the anxious character which may be relatable for some, but I was a bit frustrated by the trope of "oops I don't know how to verbalize my feelings until the end!". I would suggest only renting, not worth a full purchase.
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